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    Survival modes have caught on in gaming in the last few years to the point where many blockbuster shooters now have that mode, and it's easy to see why- they're really challenging
    without being competitive like team matches, you gotta have good teamwork and communication (at least to get far), and they're overall just FUN as FUCK!!! Especially when you're
    blazed :smoke: What are your guys' favorites survival modes???

    My favorite has got to be horde mode for Gears 2 and 3. Zombies mode in Black Ops is good fun too. Share yours!
  2. yeah, GoW horde mode was pretty fun, but I haven't played it a whole lot. I dunno why not really.

    I don't like CoD zombies, but find survival on MW3 to be a lot funner.

    When it comes to survival though, the most intense survival experience I think I've had was on Left 4 Dead. I know that's not a "survival mode", but sometimes it feels like it. I don't mean survival in the sense that other games are, that are deemed "survival games" like Resident Evil and shit.

    I mean like.. on expert difficulty playing through the campaign maps you're constantly thinking about ammo, explosives, routes to take, and what the fuck you do the next time a horde decides to hit and you're hoping it's not too big or that there aren't many special infected. And when you hear a Tank and everybody just goes "fuuuuuuck". I guess even though it's not a specific mode (though L4D DOES have a survival mode), it's still a pretty intense survival game.

    And I played that game competitively haha. Even when you get real good at it, you still struggle sometimes and don't know what you're gonna do

  3. I'll second that. Beating Dark Carnival on expert is one of the most challenging gaming experiences I've had, but the versus mode is what made L4D2 one of my top 5 all-time favorite games. That and about a half ounce of free weed my friend gave when within the same week I started playing on xbox live :bongin:

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