Your Favorite Supplements?

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  1. What are your favorite supplements?

    3 things: What are they used for, How well do they work, and How much do they cost?

    And of course any additional info you'd like to throw in, like how you use them with your specific diet/routine.

  2. NO-Shotgun(45$)- Good pre workout made me want to lift and I had a crazy workout with good endurance

    Dark matter(35$)- post workout- taste good and helped recovery

    ON Pro complex protein(60$)- protein powder tasted good and worked good i had a good diet and results with this
  3. Lol thanks for responding, totally forgot about this post. If anyone else wants to join in, please feel free :)
  4. I would love to see a lot of posts in here too but I think there are too many lazy stoners!!! lol only very few of the elite stoners that get baked and work out
  5. My favorite supplements is Vitamin tablets. Act as anti-oxidant, helping to protect our cells against cancer and other disease. Stroke victims who have high levels of vitamin A in their systems are less likely to die or suffer disabilities from the stroke. This substance has also been found to prevent cancer by neutralizing the cancer-agent.
  6. Multivitamin, no brainer
    Iron, to increase the amount of oxygen red blood cells carry through the blood.
    Fish Oil Pills, Omega 3 Fatty Acid is great for the brain, circulatory system, and is even a mood enhancer
    Ginkgo Biloba, to support memory functions. May also help prevent Alzheimer's Disease.
    Vitamin B Super Complex, I take 3 a day when I've got a steady girl...increases semen production.
  7. Whey gold standard
    and ephedrine on days when i have low energy for the extra boost it gives.
  8. Animal Paks and either ON Whey protein or ON pro complex. Those are the only 2 supplements I take. I feel like the rest are garbage for the body.
  9. Real mass complete-Helps keep weight on good meal replacer
    Fish Oil
  10. Multi vitamin
    Fish oil
    Worts herbal mood enhancers (take like 5 or 6, I dunno if they work but i think its placebo effect.
  11. I consider weed a supplement but besides that:
    Ultra Nourishair-$10 at GNC so I can have healthy hair and nails
    Calcium-<$10. I don't want no osteoporosis!
    AuntFlo lol

    And then after working out I try to drink a glass of milk or something.
  12. Fish oil...I take about 4 grams of omega 3's a day
    Vitamin C
  13. My problem with supplements is I can never get past the taste. Plus ever since I have been a regular smoker it is difficult for me to eat when I am not high. I'm not positive but I am sure there are tasteless protein and other supplements but i was wondering what in your guys opinion is the best non tasting protein powder?

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