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Your favorite strains! Jack Herer? Eldorado? Blueberry?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by sprout, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. I'm getting ready to buy some seeds and I have a couple questions for the citizens of grasscity.

    Is Jack Herer worth the $$? ($200 for 10 seeds?!)
    Has anyone tried Eldorado? It sounds like a relatively pure, energizing sativa, which I'm looking for.

    Also, of course: what's your favorite strain?

    Grow or smoke experience, it's all good... I plan on doing both :smoke:
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    My favorite strain would have to be the Arcata Trainwreck clone or Serious Seeds Kali Mist

    The short answer is no, high prices and low germ rates.

    https://www.seedboutique.com/store/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=110&products_id=1890 Jack Herer F8 $70.59

    Sannie`s Jack - Sanniesshop.com Jack Herer F6 $57.04

    Both breeders have great reviews.:wave:
  3. it all depends on my mood, what kind of high im after.

    indica, I only use it for pain relief- afghan kush.
    sativa, (dont stone me for saying this!) arjans ultra haze
    hybrid, without a doubt- Ed rosenthal super bud!

  4. Wow thanks so much for the linkage... I was hoping something like that was out there but I worry about seller reliability so I was just gonna overpay like a tool.

    Totally what I'm after, a proverbial medicine bag of different highs. What's up with ultra haze? Why would the city stone you for that?
  5. Some people think Arjan is a crook and just out to make a buck
  6. 1.) "Arjan's" Ultra Haze is made with fake genetics and genetics that were stolen from another seed company (Mr. Nice seeds)
    2.) Arjan slapped his name on it when it isn't truly his creation.
  7. for jack herer i would definately either go sensi or through sannie's seeds. sensi obviously cause they have the original but sannie has his own f6 which is suppose to be unbelievably stable and his own version of the JH. have heard its very good. Eldorado is an oaxacan sativa. its very good. sativas arent really my thing but any quality mexican sativa is a real treat. as for my favorites

    tomorow im ordering blueberry skunk(flying dutchmen), cheese(big buddha), NL, and MK-Ultra(th seeds). other ones id recommend are ganesh(mandala) im growing that now, lemon skunk(dna genetics), blue mystic(nirvana), or pretty much any skunk cross.
  8. Not a crook. However, out to make a buck yes. I'm not a fan of GHS, but mostly b/c I prefer to grow true breeding strains. Arjan and Franco make big claims, and do exagerate several strains which they did not even create. If a grower has a problem, they often blame the grower, which in some cases is warranted, in others not so much.

    Bottom line, it all depends on the grower and the grower's preferences. There are places far worse than GHS, a little research can show you who is who and who is just blowing smoke.

    Anyone that appreciates Jack Herer would appreciate many of the Haze strains out there. They are very similar in characteristics and high. Most of the Jack Herer I have grown grew more towards the Haze phenotypes since it is a Sativa dominant strain(Skunk #1 X Northern Lights X Haze.
  9. No I once paid 15 a seed for matanuska thunderfuck got ripped
  10. I must disagree about quality, just comparing by price Sannie's and Sensi's Jack Herer.
    Lets just back 3 years a go when Sannie start with "breeding".
    It was 2m2 of total growing space.
    Can't say from how much beans he start selection of Jack Herer but it was Sensi Jack Herer.
    It was Sannie's beginning but Jack was expensive for him to start with 100 or 300 seeds.

    So, Sannie found "AMAZING" pheno from just 10 or 20 seeds but Sensi didn't find that pheno for years and Sensi never test or grow his seeds ? ... something is strange here, is it ?
    No, Sannie's Jack Herer can not be better than Sensi's Jack Herer, also we can not compare Sensi co. and Sannie co. .... thats two totally different class on the Canna seeds market.

    For "replica" by Sannie's Seeds taste its ok give away 40 Euros but no it's not better than Sensi Jack of 150 Euros.

    If you want I will buy one pack of Sensi Jack Herer and made F2 (what Sannie's Seeds do) and will sell you 20 seeds for 25 Euro. But story like this sounds cheaper ... is it ?
    Better to speak about amazing pheno, huge yield etc ... right ?

    Cinderella 99 is Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds.

    Do not have anything against Sannie's Seeds but lets be real, I do not believe in Santa Claus....magic ;)
  11. Quick correction here, Cinderella 99 has Jack Herer in it but it is not the same thing.
  12. #12 lessismore, Jan 9, 2010
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    Actually, primarily it is. There is only one slight difference, and that is how the males were developed by using a Shiva Skunk female pollinated by a male found from seed in the Jack Herer from Sensi seeds. The seeds found in Jack Herer were most likely from another Jack Herer, however nobody will ever know b/c it was found in a bag of Jack Herer bud.

    When the female "Princess" was discovered, males produced from the same seeds were used to pollinate a Shiva Skunk female, this produced males which were selected and used to pollinate Princess, then each successive back cross was into the true Princess mother.

    If I'm off, feel free to correct me ODM. Bottom line is that Cinderella 99 is primarily Jack Herer, which in itself was not a stable strain at the time. It was that lucky draw, much like Chemdawg, which bag seed produced a very rare and unique phenotype which was back crossed to produce a very popular strain. If you look at the true UK Cheese; one can say it has Skunk #1 in it. However, the true Cheese was simply one of those rare phenotypes from Skunk #1. What other places offering Cheese have back crossed it with we may never know, but true Cheese is a rare Skunk #1 phenotype from I believe Seed Bank stock. Plain and simple, rare phenotypes occur and when found by experienced growers/breeders they often become very popular strains w/ an almost mysterious allure. Some breeders use them wisely, others simply run as long they can with it until it burns itself out so to speak.
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    Yes Lessismore, Jeck Herer female is pollinated with Shiva Skunk again from Sensi seeds.
    Every other generation is back crossed to same Jack Herer female.

    It's question how "amazing" pheno we can find in 10 seeds ?
    It would be 5 females in best case.
    Check this link about inheritable gens
    Animation: Comparison of Meiosis and Mitosis (Quiz 2)

    So, checking for right and desirable pheno in just 10 seeds is nonsense for serious breeding.
    Some will got moms potency,dads body or million other variety.
    Just to name all possible gens heritable combinations we need more than 10 , but like I said if you start with 10 seeds its in the best case 5 females.Of 5 females we can select one the Best pheno but that doesnt prove its the Best possible pheno, its just The Best pheno of 5 plants.So ...

    Yes that Sannie's Jack Herer is probably the best one of all from what he start but definitively can not be the best Jack Herer pheno what can be find in lets say 100 females.
    Ok, it's possible to man have a BIG luck and find one of the best phenos in just 10 seeds or so.

    But that is just marketing story who follow Cinderella, ChemDawd and many many others over hyped strains ..... breeding is terrible hard job no matter what ppl think about that.
    Find me one over hyped strain who do not come on mystery way, its one the market just 2-3 years ,after that you can read about it in on the forums here & there, in the breeding its nowhere.
  14. whats the difference between f6 anf f8, or f1 for that matter?

  15. F1, the first filial (offspring) generation. When you cross two distinctly different plants you produce F1 seeds, but if you cross a male and a female you found in those F1 seeds you get F2's and so on and so forth. F2's show more phenotypic variation than F1's, but the seedline becomes more stable after the 3rd generation.:wave:
  16. It is pretty much impossible to find a unique pheno out of 10 seeds. I use to start 20 seeds, and by the time selection time came arond for a mother, i was lucky to fnd 1 or 2 which I felt I would be happy with. With land race it is even more difficult. I grew out over 100 seeds of different Thai varieties before finding mothers and fathers for my Thai X strain. I'm just a hobby breeder, and the work is difficult and often onemust grow series of many plants from the same seed stock before finding what they are lookng for. I still have yet to find that perfect Northern Lights pheno, and I have #1, #2, #2X5, and #5 all from original Seed Bank stock. I have 6 sidderent phenos of Skunk, but none are anything special, just different terpens which give off different scents and flavors.

    Again, true, just b/c we find a very nice phenotype does not mean it is the very best phenotype of the strain.

    Much is hype. Cinderella 99 is being used in various crosses, however it is mostly a result of places only being able to acquire the female side of the strain. Most of the true pheno do disappear only to turn up in various crosses which may, or may not have the true phenotype of the original strain.
  17. Wow awesome, I inadvertently learned a lot from this little discussion.

    Especially about Green House Seeds. All that glamor just went *POOF!!!*

    Credit is like a shitty homing pigeon, it never goes where it's supposed to!
  18. |

    man ive got a lot to learn... you guys and your seeds, jesus christ theres a lot of info!!

    I think im just gonna pick a name/plant, buy it, and plant it.

    I didnt realize how complicated and confusing it got. and how many plants there were, and who has the original/male, etc...
  19. I am really excited about sannie's shop! Thanks again Blaze!
  20. just to sort of go for the opening question... :D

    favourite smoke, all-around, all-time: ShivaSkunk :smoke:

    favourite taste/smell: StrawberryCough / NLX

    favourite sativa-dominant: NL#5 X Haze

    favourite stoner: WhiteWidow (or rather BlackWidow... fuck Arjan :D)


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