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  1. :smoke: What's yours? What do you play? How long did it take you to learn? :smoke:

    Just a few to get started...

    No Quarter- Tool (covered version of Led Zeppelin) sounds fucking wicked :D
    Detroit Rock City- KISS Easy to learn, can't stop playing this lately.
    Showdown- ELO
    About A Girl- Nirvana Learned it one day, couldn't get it out of my head ever since...
    Purple Haze- Jimi Hendrix (can't get it completely right yet, still love it)
    One- Metallica

    All guitar, varrying from a few hours to a few weeks...

    Post up! :wave:
  2. Nice list,
    I used to play conventional songs, now don't like constraints on my creativity so i improvise constantly.
    I use looping pedals and my guitars to make "live soundscapes" which means i can overdub myself in layers in a live situation....

    this should link you to one. :wave:
  3. And Justice For All - Metallica
    Soy Bomb - Honest Bob and the Factory to the Dealer Incentives
    Super Mario Theme - Nintendo
    Fur Elise - Beethoven
    99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger

    I also play everything by Blink 182 lol :D

    Guitar ftw

    EDIT: Also none of them took amazingly long considering I've only been playing guitar for a little bit of time, like 4-5 months.
  4. what i got - sublime
    bowl for two - expendables
    fcpremix - the fall of troy
    memphis wil be laid to waste - norma jean
    finding out true love is blind - louis xiv
    message in abottle - the police
    no control - pepper
    ashes - pepper
    give it up - pepper
    officer - slightly stoopid
  5. Hmmm I would say Ride the Lightning by Metallica is my favorite to play on guitar that songs so sick but I kno a lot of other songs too:D
  6. Moe. - The road
    Moe. - Zed nought Zee
    Hendrix - Red house, wind cries mary (my favorite)
    Black keys - Thickfreakness
    Phish - 46 days, stash, dirt

    I also love finding backing tracks and just jamming on them.

    I've been recording a bit lately, maybe ill post up some versions of songs I've done.
  7. ive been trying to learn a lot of All Shall Perish lately, i have most of "the price of existence" down.
  8. I play bass, i like to play dazed and confused when im stoned,i improvise with songs playing in the backround, i get so much creativity when im blitzed.
  9. (instrument: drums)

    pawn shop - sublime
    who are you - the who
    my generation - the who
    misty mountain hop - led zeppelin
    over the hills and far away - led zeppelin
    communication breakdown - led zeppelin
    dammit - blink 182
    first date - blink 182

    lots more, but the list would be of considerable length.

    i've been playing on and off for about 8 years but just started learning songs like 4 or 5 years ago. really, any song i wanna learn just takes a few listens and probably a few sessions of 1-2 hour intervals, plus i like to improvise and add stuff to the original songs (e.g. tom fills and such). i have a weird way of being able to visualize the drummer playing the song and then i try to emulate the way i imagine them playing it....i dunno, it's hard to explain.
  10. across the universe - the beatles
    blackbird - the beatles
    us and them - pink floyd
    goodbye blue skies - pink floyd
    postcards from italy - beirut
    no surprises - radiohead
    ashes of american flags - wilco

  11. eww Blink :p Mike, dude, try out some Rage next time you're lit with your guitar. Riffs are pretty simple but sound so good :D (beats blink, too, heh)
  12. About a girl is a excellent song, anything by Nirvana is good to play, bass, guitar, drums, vocals, its all good. For drums the best songs are tool in my opinion, attempting to play those songs will make you good at drums really fast, some of that shit is insane on the drums. Rush is also very good for drums. Steve Vai is something that is good to play on the guitar, all the songs you mentioned are good on the guitar. Money by Pink Floyd is a great song for bass. Anything from Primus is good on bass, I don't like the Redhot Chili Peppers anymore, but if you want to get your ass kicked on bass try playing "Get Up and Jump", its retarded how fast the bass is.
  13. (instrument electric four string bass guitar)

    i like to play the super mario theme song.
    and what is and should never be by led zeppelin.
  14. Oh absolutely, good picks there brother. Money is awesome, but have you heard the bass line on "Echoes" from their Pompeii recording? Not incredibly hard, but deffinetly one of the funkiest bass lines out there, and it plays great to guitar solos for jam sessions. There's just no end to that shit after a while, smoking bowls and playing guitar hahaha.
  15. I love playing Zeppelin, too. Nobodies Fault But Mine, Over The Hills and Far Away, etc,

    And of course, I can always pull out Slow Blues by Hendrix. One of thew few 'solo' songs I know well enough to play fucked up.
  16. Sublime- No Woman No Cry
    Sublime- Santeria
    Wolfmother-Joker and the Theif
    Just a few of my favourites to play on guitar.
  17. Personally, I like to write and play my own music. Although, if I'm feeling lazy, I'll play some As I Lay Dying or All that Remains.
  18. Guitar, electric and classical.

    Classical Gas is still probably my favorite song to play

    And I know a ton of System of a Down, great rhythmic style rock music.
  19. All super mario themes
    little wing - jimi hendrix (took me forever)
    say it aint so - weezer
    zeplike - slightly stoopid
    closer to the sun - slightly stoopid
    scarified - racer x (its a work in progress but I constantly practice and play what I know)
    badfish - sublime
    cemetery gates - pantera

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