Your favorite shows to watch high?

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  1. And why do you like it?

    Spongebob Squarepants because it's funny.
    Superjail because it's just awesome.
    Degrassi because it's so dramatic it's hilarious.
  2. home movies(the tv show)...all the stupid dialogue actually makes sense and the animation doesn't look distorted for once
  3. i watch this every night. my favorite show is king of the hill. luckly they are back to back during the week :) i also like to watch iron chef
  4. Um, yah thats a long list. But most recently everybody hates chris.
  5. That 70's show



    Dirty Job's

    The Simpson's

    and anything on the Discovery,Animal planet,History and NFL...
  6. it's always sunny in philadelphia
    family guy
    conan o'brien
  7. Its always sunny in philidelphia, the office, arrested development!, most stuff on nat geo and the history channel
  8. Prison Break, friends, Lost, Naruto, Family Guy
  9. The Office, Family Guy, Its Always Sunny In PA and Degrassi haha
    its nice to know Im not alone in watchin Degrassi stoned ahahaha XD
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    Cold Case Files (on A&E. Not to be confused with "Cold Case" on CBS or whatever. A&E's version is the real shit).
    Always Sunny
    The Office (Both british and American versions)
    Curb your Enthusiasm
    Bored to Death
  11. Greys Anatomy/Desperate Housewives-Because I can always relate to something on those shows!

    Survivor-Because I love that show! I have always loved that show. I am a reality T.V. junkie!

    Real World/Road Rules-It humors me how childish adults can be, and besides, T.J. Lavin is good to LOL~

    I also watch a lot of Food Network and HGTV as well as NATGeo and Discovery. Anything interesting...Forensic Files, Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs, 48 Hours Mystery....Oh yes, and a ton of sports. I love sports, especially NFL, NASCAR, MOTO GP...Bravo TV, E, anything that is mindless works sometimes.

    I guess it depends on what kind of mood I am in going into my high. Some days I can't watch certain shows, but other days I can't get enough of it...:smoke:
  12. Degrassi? what are you 13! but i like family guy and southpark for shure
  13. i can watch anything stoned :D
  14. The Office is so funny when you're stoned. The US version that is.
  15. King of the Hill
    True Blood
    Family Guy
  16. these are not in a perticular order or fave to least fave they are just random

    king of the hill
    family guy
    aqua teen hunger force
    american dad
    attack of the show (side note what happend to oliva munn??)
    dateline nbc
    csi(all of em)
    many many many more
  17. How It's Made- Blows my mind how complex/simple the entire factory process for an item can be. The ones where they have to melt metal are incredible.

    Eastbound and Down- Funniest shit I've ever seen high. Kenny Powers is a fucking G.

    Kablam!-Takes me right back to my childhood, and fills any cartoon cravings I might have.
  18. Always Suuny in Philadelphia is the funniest show to me when high. The random banter is just hilarious.


    That 70s Show
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    Two and a Half Men
    The Office
  19. I hate watching T.V stoned, I feel like I'm wasting my time, not sure why!
  20. What do you do at home instead because I never have anything better to do when smoking at home.

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