your favorite setting?

Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. Just thinkin over here some of my favorite places to smoke..
    Would like to hear some of yours
    With a bowl, it's hiking on some trails on a nice warm day.
    with a joint, it's on a lake, or a river on a windless day
    with a bong, it's in a tent, while camping with some good friends, for a good wake n bake :)
    with a blunt, it's in a car, drivin around, in the evening..
  2. the beach!!! anytime!!!
  3. Bowl--- just me and my glass piece spending some quality time in my room

    Bong-- sitting at my friend Ant's house with about 3 other people, just passing it around

    Joint-- driving in a car by myself

    Blunt-- I like smoking a blunt in a crowd, with like 7 people on it, that way I'm guaranteed to get a good shottie (I love shotguns!)
  4. all methods - a walk to get the newspaper and mail
  5. One of the greatest smoking days was the day i got my first bubbler. I got it in berkeley california so me and my buddies proceeded to drive around the berkeley hills finding beautfil vista points overlooking the city, stadium and green foothills down below. The fog had just started coming in and the sun had started its decent below the horizon. Needless to say it was the perfect smoke spot for the perfect time, PERFECT!

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