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Your favorite pipe

Discussion in 'Dry Pieces, Glass Spoon Pipes and Sherlocks' started by Stonercouple420, Mar 7, 2018.

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  1. [​IMG]
    I have this cute lil thing :) Works supprisingly well, especially with snow! :p
  2. It was $27 and its on the stomach, you turn it over to pack and smoke out of it.
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  3. wow expected it to cost more, nice colours and molding
    haha I see I see
  4. Brain freeze if i put too much ice
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  5. I actually retired my proto-pipe last month, but after 22 years of faithful service, it’s more than just a pipe to me.

    I’m guessing anyone who has ever owned a Proto-Pipe knows what the multi-tool is for.
    C3F4248E-A934-49CF-A872-07B83207502F.jpeg 531F6112-3959-4854-AAAF-E68215DF0BD9.jpeg B960963E-3E9C-4B7E-805F-E77A47FB2A36.jpeg
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  6. No idea what the multi tool is for...

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  7. The plier section is to pull put the poker out when it’s gummed up and stuck. The dents on the handle of the tool are from using it to hammer the poker into the holes of the bowl to pop out the resin trap. The knife is just for scraping.
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  8. Oh I lost my poker long ago :( I think I had it outside and it fell out somehow.

    I always clean it with qtips, paper towel and alcohol. Definitely needs cleaned frequently or it is a booger to take apart.
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  9. If you go on eBay they still sell pokers for protos. They are available as originals and reproductions.
  10. There is a shop around here that sells them, ty though. I just haven't pulled the trigger because I figure it'll just fall out again. Apparently you haven't had that problem though?
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  11. Somehow I still have my original poker and mouth tip.
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    20180315_230734.jpg 20180315_230742.jpg 20180315_230928.jpg
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  13. I Got glass honey comb screens i usually use my bong gets me baked fast but that's my favorite pipe
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