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  1. What is your favorite piece you have ever used, it dosnt have to be yours. wheather for hitting power, looks or sentimental value, what is your favorite piece youve ever used

    mine is a little 18in tall dark green acrylic bong named Wilson that my buddy Travis bought from a truck stop in Virginia when me and him went backpacking during spring break our sophmore year. My friend Travis and i are both big outdoors men and have been ever since we've been friends and since that spring break my sophmore year Wilson has gone with us on every adventure into the woods, he's been smoked on mountain tops, cliffs, rivers, lakes, and trails all over the country. he has a few scars and dings, and also a sticker from every place he's ever been with us. i havnt smoked out of him since the summertime, the last time my friend was home from oklahoma
  2. A gas mask dude it was amazing
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    my fav is my $9 glass one hitter
  4. weird timing but my buddy just called me to see if i wanted to go backpacking in colorado with him this spring lol he said wilson just got a new slide.

    wilson has been smoked by alot of people too. me and my friend, anyone that has gone outdoors with us (30+) and random people we've smoked with while on the trail (40ish)
  5. Mine would definetly be this vape to bong setup I hit at one of my friend's roomate's house. It was a vapo brothers with a bong attachment. It was a crazy setup that lead to an amazing hit and high.
  6. My favorite glass piece is the glass chillum that has been part of my travel kit for the past 4-5 years. I named it brimstone because of the color combo on the thing (dark red with orange streaks and black dots) and the thing is awesome. I just can't seem to find a piece that I like better and I've been shopping a few times lol.
  7. This thread sucks without pics

    my favorite so far (haven't smoked outta any REALLY nice bongs)

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