Your favorite piece? +Pictures

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  1. I have quite a few pieces but only a couple that I really use. My go to is a dry glass bong. There are divets in the side to hold ice, but thats for pussies.

    Another favorite of mine is this.

    I like making beginners use this beast.

    So what are your favorite things to smoke out of?
  2. Stratego Rocks!!!!!
  3. Love using the gas mask, or my pipe :p
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    man youR bong looks a little dirty... lol
  5. Haha I know ill go clean it I still got some Orange Chronic shit.
  6. There you go perfectly clean.

    Orange Chronic should pay me for this.

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  7. I almost never use my gas mask, it sucks... mostly cause this guy i know broke the plastic tube part, so it doesnt seal right any more. He broke a plastic bowl. How does that even happen?!! im determined to fix it with PVC pipe, but its just hangin on my wall right now.

    All my bongs break so i guess my favorite bowl is the one that looks like a fish that Ive been using lately. until it breaks :(
  8. You can craft a makeshift gas mask bong with some 2" PVC and duct tape. Just carve a hole near the end for a bowl piece and steamroll that shit.
  9. Ive been trying to do something that will allow me to see the bowl as I light it, which I couldnt do before. I hate having to get someone else to light it for you.
  10. You know Id probably refrain from smoking out of a PVC pipe considering the C stands for Chloride. Id bet that inhaling chlorine fumes isnt the safest.

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