Your favorite philosopher(s)?

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  1. What philosopher has influenced your personal beliefs the most? For those who are particularly well read, try to narrow it down to at most 3 philosophers that have had the greatest impact on you. 
    We live now at the height of human civilization, with incredibly easy access to the works of an enormous number of pivotal thinkers, we can even pick and choose different translations. Its a great time to contemplate, and so I ask, who has influenced you most?

  2. Carl Jung
    E. A. Poe (rarely known for his philosophy, but still known for it)
    Can't go much further without mixing philosophers and psychologists..
    but carl jung is definitely my top.
    there are many others, but not many as revealing and dark as he.
  3. 1) St. Augustine
    2) Thomas Paine
    I'm still researching 20th century philosophers so I'll return to this thread later with a third choice or possibly a revised list.. 
  4. Carl Jung is one of the first philosophers I started reading about. He is by far one of the most interesting. I don't know if you know but my avatar is off an album from a band called Tool and they did a song called 46 & 2 which the message is based off of some of his work.
    I recognized the album art, but I didn't listen to too much Tool in my day, my uncle was a hardcore fan though! :) Good to know!
  6. The greatest metaphysician and epistemologist = Leibniz

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