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Your FAVORITE papers...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nodestiny, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. ive only ever had zig-zag basic papers...

    Do any of you guys have specific preferances?

    Flarovered? Brand? Type?
  2. Rizla.

    King size.



    And when I'm feeling bored rolled inside out with the paper burnt off.
  3. JOB 1.5s. Rip some off for smaller j's.. these are the papers I started on, and I haven't found better yet. It seems like all other papers I've tried won't stick very well at all compared to these.
  4. i was juuust like sure shot for a long time, and blue rizla kingsize slims still are some of my faves... but all that changed when i discovered,

    Eco Smoking Kingsize slims
  5. I've been rolling with Smoking Deluxe in the black box. I really like them.
  6. zig zags are most definitaley my fav :)
  7. I tried some zig zag oranges and didn't really care for them
  8. zig zags are the best but sometimes we have to settle with rizla...
  9. My farioute are papers are Basil Bush, OCB Originals,Rips and Zig Zagz.
  10. Why ZigZag are shit
    WAAAAAYYYY TOOOOOO MUUUCH GUUUUM! you can really taste it! wtf ... are they just trying to steal customers from the rizla loyalists (i was one a while back) who dislike the incosistancy in quality which so often gets pinned on "poor storage"!?!??!? and besides.. idk if its too much chlorine or what.. but theres something else kinda mingin about them. aaaaaand should they ever get just slightly damp then dry just slightly again... the gum will curl up tighter than the arse of a yuppie at a charity convention. aaaaaand! wtf is with their policy on "we're gonna make this as hard for you as possable to use the packet as roach. wtf!?

    Why Rizla are shit
    where's the gum? where did it all go? ...opens another pack... oh.. there it is.. its all in this pack... how did they do that? its magic. :p how many times have you opened a pack of rizla only to find that half of them have the "easy to roll cut corners" an 8th of the way in? how many times have you been drunk or on pills or on speed or even just stoned and found that the chemical balance of your saliva no longer works to make the gum stick?... if its as many times as me then you would learn to stop using them! and again, like zigzag, whats with the excessive chlorine... surely them bugs cant be that resiliant! :p

    hey.. sorry if i'm stepping on the toes of any rizla or zigzag loyalists. :p go buy some swan instead... you'll be suprised. higher quality and consistancy than rizla and the right amount of gum.
  11. Just for the record,

    The reason I use Rizla is because they are available at every garage in the country, conveniance, plus the added reason that i also smoke roll ups.

    If you can taste your skins, even in reds then the bud ain't good enough or there ain't enough of it.

  12. i use to get i kind called pouches or something. they had a poch in them so you could be a bad roller and still have a good jay. But i have evolved to chocolate and coniac blunt wraps.

    if were i am dont have them then i go with orange zig zags or like digit said swan makes a good papper
  13.'s cognac. you just pronounce it coniac or "cone yak"

    i'm stoned. :D
  14. I don't really like them so I don't really care to roll doobies but my wife loves 'em and she swears by white Zig-Zags, they're super thin paper. Personally I find that they run too easily, especially when combined with a bad roller. God bless the person who created the rolling machine though, when a doobie is my only option then my rolling machine comes out and I can fit a good gram or more in there. I'm a monster when it comes to rolling up my ganja, 4-5 people can get really ripped off of one of my roll-jobs.

  15. trust me... my bud was strong enough. changing from greens to blues you realise how much of the taste you been getting from the skins... and reds!? shit.. dont get me started on that rolling cardboard! :D
    i just think your tastebuds arent acute enough. ;) :p

  16. well SAR-EE im not a good spell-er and im a bad spell-er when im high is that such a sin? If I dont know how to prononce it (ya a porbaly spelled that wrong to) i re-li on my good old pal e-bon-ics
  17. its gotta be rizla or zig zag slim blue - less paper, longer spliff!
  18. *takes out blue rizzlas* it says 100% chlorine free so doubt u know what ur talking about, id say rizzla blues or zig zag slim

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