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  1. Hey I am looking for a new TV show to watch on Netflix instant streaming. Any suggestions? My favorites are Trailer Park Boys and South Park. Feel free to post your own.
  2. Weeds, Dexter, prison break, also check out Joe Rogan's comedy stand up if you haven't seen it.
  3. Trailer Park Boys

    Sons of Anarchy

    Family Guy

    South Park

    Deadliest Warrior

    The Office

    Man v. Wild

    Arrested Development

    Blue Mtn. State

    That 70's Show

    Prison Break


    (No order)
  4. office
    trailer park boys
    lost (some episodes blow your mind)
    south park
    family guy
    lie to me
  5. Family guy is also my favorite tv show. This is a very interesting tv series to watch.
  6. You my friend have good taste! +rep
    although to be honest SportsNight was waaaayyyyy to 90's for me to watch haha. Party Down and Arrested Development are the shit!

    Let me add a few

  7. ive been watching Heroes, pretty intense
  8. Hmmm...

    Home Movies is a must
    South Park definitely
    Beavis and Butthead although the Mike Judge collection is missing the music video segments.
    WW2 in color is interesting.
    Star Trek (I prefer DS9)
    Battlestar Galactiga.
    Arrested Development for sure
    Trailer Park Boys is great
  9. LOst
    The Office
    ** Sliders **
    Swamp People
    1000 Ways to DIE
    Harper's Island
    Beyond Scared Straight
    Reno 911
  10. I just finished up Trailer Park Boys. Starting to watch Xfiles again. I loved Party Down.
  11. just finished arrested development (i recommend it to everyone and anyone) watching lost now haha also prison break was good for the first 3 seasons
  12. I just finished Trailer Park Boys, just gotta watch the second movie and first one again. But I'm wondering if Firefly is still on netflix? I have to watch it for class.
  13. I love watching American Dad and Futurama.
  14. me too, just love it while baked
  15. Ancient Aliens, my dude just got me on this its crazy
  16. I enjoy all the shows I watch sober, while high.

    Pawn Stars
    Deadliest Warrior
    Modern Marvels
    Family Guy
    South Park
    Dirty Jobs
  17. I really think I hold the world record for watching The Office. I just fucking love that show man no matter how many times i watch the episodes i laugh like a mofo every single time.
  18. MI5

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