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Your favorite MMJ State?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SmokingRookie, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. So there is a couple if not a lot of MMJ states.

    1. Alaska
    2. Arizona
    3. California
    4. Colorado
    5. DC
    6. Delaware
    7. Hawaii
    8. Maine
    9. Michigan
    10. Montana
    11. Nevada
    12. New Jersey
    13. New Mexico
    14. Oregon
    15. Rhode Island
    16. Vermont
    17. Washington

    So I've heard a lot of things like Hawaii is the best place to grow outside, and then I've also heard that Cali has the best weed. What states have you smoked actual Medical Dank and was it good? I wish I lived in a MMJ state but oh well. lol Thanks everyone.
  2. The best weed I have ever smoked was medical kush from Michigan. :smoke:
  3. cali. on a main street just a few minutes from where i live, there literally 5 or 6 dispensaries all within a block of each other, all selling bomb dank weed, concentrates, edibles etc at good prices. plus anybody can get their club card
  4. Washington
  5. nice, keep them coming. Anyone ever get some dank weed from Alaska? I would imagine that would be hard to grow but idk.
  6. When the time comes, I plan on moving to a MMJ state

    My current choices are either Oregon, Colorado, or Washington. It's so hard to decide though :confused_2:.

  7. Yeah my brother is planning on moving from Illinois/Missouri to Colorado. Not because he wanted MMJ but he's always wanted to go to Colorado. But I bet he will be going to get that good dank.
  8. I've only experienced michigan, I love it, but the dispensary prices arent always the cheapest, but that's what a caregiver is for.
  9. California, baby.

  10. MM is all BULLSHIT
  11. ^^

    You're bullshit.



    :hello: :p
  12. honestly, quality varies from city to city just as much as state to state I'm sure. There's great selection where I live, but go outside of town and it's a different story.
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    Long grow season. Not too humid. It 's been legal the longest an has the most experienced canna clubs and growers. Cops don't bother you unless you're a big time opp. We have Humboldt and Oaksterdam. Not to mention we have everything from snowboarding to beaches to big city life to keep you entertained while you toke. No other state can boast those things.
  14. Colorado.

    $7 grams ftw!
  15. everybody is gunna be pretty biased about where they live lol....then the people who dont even know what its like to have medical shouldnt give any input.

    IMO, which state has the best limits on growing and amount you can possess is what matters. Unless youre a patient in different states nobody can really compare it. Im from cali and there are more dispensaries than starbucks even after all the federal trouble last fall and most of the best weed comes from here everybody knows that

  16. I'm biased bc the only medi I've smoked has been from Mich. It was the best I've ever smoked of course that could just be my lack of hook ups in a non medi state.

  17. jelly bc your in a medi state and bc its Colorado :notworthy: Go Broncos fuck manning:eek:
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  18. Same situation here.
  19. No Alaskan growers or patients?

  20. I hope you never learn firsthand. Peace.

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