Your Favorite Marijuana related songs right here

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  1. Hey i was just thinkin we could share our favorite(one or few) songs that have to do primarily wit the sweet, sweet medicinal herb.
    i guess i'll add easy ones to start
    Rich hardesty-all my friends are stoners
    Mark Eddie- Marijuanaville

    i plan on making a cd to put in ma car to play wit the best ones.
  2. bagz-twistid
  3. I have a playlist full of songs about weed. I used to post it in every thread about "your favorite weed songs" so that people could download it, but I've gotten lazy. If you want to check it out, its here somewhere. The thread is called Hemp Hop.
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  5. in no particular order...

    1:Ganga Babe-Michael franti & spearhead
    2:Burn one down- Ben harper
    3:Marijuana- Brian robbins
    4:peter Tosh - Legalize it
    5:afroman - because i got high
  6. Wiid by MC Chris, Because I Got High by Afroman. :)
  7. Pass The Marijuana - Mystic Roots
  8. Bowl for Two- The Expendables

    ^ the most adorable pot song.
  9. Kill for Weed by Cephalic Carnage
  10. Bagz - Twiztid
    Sweet Leaf - Ozzy (or Black Sabbath, cant remember which it is)

    but pretty much any of those songs from the late 60's - 70's where all they were singing about was weed lol
    that, was good music back then...


    i have a funny story about it. one time i was at a buddies house, and this girl put this song on, said "i put this song on for you mark!" (marks my buddy) and she packs a bowl, smokes the whole thing without even sharing one hit. is that not ironic? shes a bitch.
  12. HAHAHHAA WHAT THE HELL! I didn't know anyone could listen to that song and actually not share.
    looool she sounds like a bitch

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