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your favorite lighter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wv dro, May 13, 2011.

  1. i always take the metal sheild and peice of metal that goes over the wheel on a bic off. lights bowls wayy better.
  2. Yea I take the safety off all bics. I've been buying djeep recently though. They last me longer since I can keep track of it easier, also I'm pretty sure it has more fluid in it.
  3. you already know everyone is going to say bic, why even ask?
  4. Its called a safety, and most people take them off aswell.
  5. I buy bics. They're cheap and effective.
  6. White Bic (duh), safety off and any 1 of my trusty zippo's for those windy days.
  7. I'm partial a orange (or purple) bic lighter with the safety taken off. No reason for color, obvious reason for a bic over some crack lighter
  8. i like bics w/o the safety but my roommates allabout the djeep
  9. Yellow Bic Lighters is where is live, boii!

  10. orange bicccccccccccccccccccccccccc/hemp wick
  11. I have a green lighter that I robbed from my rents that has been with me for a while now, I think it's good luck. I bug when I don't have it and I'm smoking
  12. How do you take the safety out the lighter? Also which part is the safety?
  13. yea. my hemp wick is coming this week. i might be done with lighters.
  14. I have a lighter that is a push-down flame, saids casino, has a hot anime chick in a rabbit costume, the different card symbols hearts, spades, etc and 2 dice that you can actually roll inside a viewable chamber it shares with the lighter fluid

    if you like this i will post a picture
  15. Purple bics. I should go back to djeep though. Last time i had one it lasted three months of smoking 4+ times a week.
  16. Whichever one is lighting the bowl I'm smoking :smoke:
  17. [​IMG]

    i have two lighters like this one.
    that plus a can of the fluid lasts a year. s

    saves a ton, i never buy bics anymore.
  18. That's sick, where did you get it?

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