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  1. What's up GC, I've been growing indoor using a HPS/MH 600w bulb combo for a while now and have been itching to try an LED grow. The problem is that I'm not sure what LED brand to trust because I always see mixed reviews, especially between brands like Viparspectra, Mars, and Platinum.

    So I want to hear the successful and dissapointing stories you guys have had with LEDs in your past. Also, what would be the best set up for a 4x2 tent? 2 LEDs with less wattage or 1 LED with more true wattage? All info on LEDs are welcomed thanks!!
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  2. The P300 does look like the most consistent LED out of the Platinum series, how far along are you in your current grow?
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  3. The next LED I'm getting is a Quantum Board...a few I've talked to on here say they are awesome! Great lights from all reports so far. I was suggested to get the 3500k for both Veg/flower but can't find it offered in any size...I bet the 3k would be sufficient for both Imo.
    260W QB LED Kit

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  4. No experience here, but the Pacific Light Concepts PLC 6 looks awesome. I love Green Genes on YouTube.
  5. these look interesting, ill look more into them, thanks!!
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  6. I only have experience with one LED - NextLight Mega - and I love it.

    Nextlight Mega.JPG
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  7. @M9Prime he has one for sure....And his crop looks lovely!!

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  8. I have almost every type of led light the market offers excluding brand ( panel LED, COB LED, Quantum Board LED.

    Nothing comes close to the quantum boards. Honeslty. They're amazing, my first run gave me 256 grams dry off just one light, and thats in a 2x3 with not to much vegging and it being a bagseed.

    The cob im about to test for mars hydro is also promising, but not sure if i can compare them to the QB. The QB is hard to get. I paid almost 500 all in for one 260 watt light ( 285w total when all the way up)

    And id gladly pay that again for another one. Americans get a deal qbs because you wont spend more then 350 and id pay that ALL DAY for my qb.

    If you have more than 200$ to spend look past panels and look into cobs and qbs.

    Heres 1 plants crop off 1 qb and 1 mars 600. ( it took up two tables ) [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. Im doing my first led run now with a mars 2 1200w. As it stands . It vegs better than my usual hps set up and i honestly think i will surpass the weight i was getting under hps.

    I would get 7oz from 1 plant under a 400w hps. I reckom im gonna hit about 9 oz from the mars 1200w in the same conditions as the hps grows iv do.
  10. TIMBER cob, very nice lights, I love my 400w, im currently trying to sell my 2 other Solarsystem 550's on kijiji.
    Once these sell, ill be buy 2 more 400w timber cob setups.
  11. Oooo what were your results using this bad boy
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    Those are some dense nuggy nugs, QBs are usually sold out, do I just need to get lucky with finding one?
  13. Those are like a grand or maybe a little more! They look cool tho!!

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  14. I'm hoping it has good light penetration at that price
  15. I only grow 2 plants at a time with a 5 week veg and I yield over a pound on average - I only do one grow a year.
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  16. Does anyone know of any good cob led brands?
  17. Mick foster what size space do you have if u don't mind me asking

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  18. I have a 4x4 tent and the light is 650w LED. I could grow 4 plants but 2 plants yield enough smoke for me for a year.
  19. Ok thanks wanna upgrade my tent

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