Your Favorite Hip Hop Verses

Discussion in 'General' started by ZerO Stay Tokin, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Some of mine are:

    Masta Killa in "Wu Banga 101"

    Sometimes I'm liable to spaz and break fool
    Grab my gun, select one, snatch son
    Put the barrel by his face, blast one by his eardrum
    Piss run, you drop thinkin you shot
    Screamin like a bitch, kicks to your face
    Shots to the body that shake like the bass
    I'm Ghostfaced up, military style down
    Nuff ammunitions of rounds across the chest

    Biggie in " Gimme The Loot"

    Big up, big up, it's a stick up, stick up
    and I'm shooting *****z quick if you hiccup
    Don't let me fill my clip up in your back and head piece
    The opposite of peace sending Mom Duke a wreath
    You're talking to the robbery expert
    Stepping to your wake with your blood on my shirt
    Don't be a jerk and get smoked over being resistant
    'cos when I lick shots the shits is persistent

    Nas in " Half time"

    Before a blunt, I take out my fronts
    Then I start to front, matter of fact, I be on a manhunt
    You couldn't catch me in the streets without a ton of reefer
    That's like Malcolm X, catchin the Jungle Fever
    King poetic, too much flavor, I'm major
    Atlanta ain't Brave-r, I'll pull a number like a pager
    Cause I'm am ace when I face the bass
    40-side is the place that is giving me grace
    Now wait, another dose and you might be dead
    And I'm a Nike head, I wear chains that excite the feds
    And ain't a damn thing gonna change
    I'ma performer (?) show the mic warmer was born to gain
    Nas, why did you do it?
    You know you got the mad fat fluid when you rhyme, it's halftime
  2. Eminem- Criminal

    Hey, it's me Versaci!
    Whoops, Somebody Shot me
    And i was just checkin the mail
    Get it? Checkin the male *click click*

    Always worth it lol.

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