Your Favorite High? & why?

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  1. other than weed of course.
  2. Do people really think weed has the best high? Weed is my favorite drug, but it definitely doesn't have the best high.
  3. I think it does, for one reason. I can go about my day normally blazed as shit. Can't do that with most other highs.

    Other than weed, probably opiates.
  4. my favorite high so far has been pure MDA. only did it once. popped 2 caps and snorted 1 all at once. that shit hit me i was also drunk n blacked out for alot of it. but its been my best feeling yet.
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    Weed actually gives the best, in my opinion. I get no bad side effects and gain little to no tolerance, unlike other highs. The high never goes wrong, or have a "bad trip"; it's reliable. It's easy, there's no need to prepare, really, other then pack the bowl and light up. It begins almost immediately. It lasts quite a decent amount of time; 3-4 hours for me. It is extremely relaxing and makes everything more enjoyable; food, video games, whatever you're doing, it makes it better, no matter what. It is extremely euphoric. It has other uses besides just getting high too, it often helps me sleep, makes headaches go away, cures nausea. It can be baked into food for an even longer and somewhat different high. It has a great taste and there are so many different methods of using it. It is very easy to get; just about any drug dealer sells weed. It is not addictive, so you can get high as much as you want without worrying about withdrawals or anything else. It goes great with just about all drugs, as far as I know.

    Other then weed, my damn near if not just as favorite highs would be other psychedelics.. probably mushrooms. DXM is great, too. And the reason why being I love the complexity and abstract things that can happen while on them. Closed-eye visuals are amazing, and so are open-eyed ones. They're extremely euphoric and make music the most beautiful thing you've ever experienced. Personal revelations often come out from their use; I always appreciate life and take it less for granted after tripping. The benefits of them, despite the chances of having a bad trip/anxiety attacks/etc. sometimes are so amazing that I think of them as being better then weed.

    Third would be opiates. I'm the type that just likes to lay back, turn on TV, and melt into my recliner. And I wouldn't trade that for anything, I love it.
  7. Opiates.... Feels good man.
  8. the high from weed is great but definetly not the best high...for me personally it would be some good lsd...i love tripping and acid is probly the best hallucinogen (that ive tried lol)...i love how music becomes something completely different when ur tripping and it can really send u into a different world depending on the song...everything is funny as fuck and there are no problems in the makes u think very differently and i just love that...definetly lsd for me

    but some clean rolls or molly is a close 2nd...just depends on where ima do the drug ya know? like acid for just chillen with a few buddies or mdma for a party...both for concerts haha
  9. The best high is probably heroin, though I never tried it and never will try it. Too bad it's fucking addicting and ruins your life.
  10. ive wondered this myself. H probly is the best. but probly the worst too.
  11. Yea I've heard people say that dope feels like fucking heaven...but I also heard that the withdrawals are the worst feeling in the world
  12. do u kno if u get withdrawals even from snorting or smoking it once?
  13. No, but you will want more. There's a chance you'll say to yourself, "That was amazing. I think I'm going to try it just one more time and then for real, never do it again." You see where this is going? Haha. :eek:
  14. yea i kno how that works. The highs of crack, gack, junk, & pcp will always be a mystery to me. anyone kno wut ketamine is like tho? addictive?
  15. ^This.

    Notice where heroin is on the chart! :eek:
  16. weed higher than xtc for dependance? bullshit
  17. I wouldn't trust that chart.
  18. Lol idk lots of people smoke weed?

  19. Invalidated. LSD causes no physical harm at recreational doses.
  20. Not a true statement. Extensive research on LSD has not been done, but it is suspected of causing genetic damage. It hasn't been proven wrong or right, but it's suspected of it.

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