your favorite drug of all time

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  1. not just your most used drug. but the one thats most meaningful and enjoyable to you.
  2. Mj is the drug of choice and the daily habit, but good acid or a great shroom trip are the best hands down! better than X IMHO
  3. I love hallucinagins. (Spelling?) Acid is my favorite but it's damn near impossible to find.
  4. Are there not 50 of these same exact threads already?

  5. i agree because theres so many i havnt tried. my favorite drug as of now is n,n DMT
  6. psilocybin or lsd, maybe mdma.i cant really make up my mind but its one of those
  7. Meaningful? DOC, hands down.

    Enjoyable? Probably acid.
  8. marijuana because its been my first drug of choice. if i wasnt tryin to do opiates anymore, id say dilaudid, opana , or OC.
  9. What is this?

    Favorite drug would have to be a mixture. Tussionex with Klonopins. :hello:
  10. besides that shit
  11. how are opiates meaningful?
  12. How are any drugs meaningful? They produce a feeling in the user the promotes contentment, or realization. It can be alot of things to alot of different people.

    My favorite drug of all time=IV heroin. RUSSSH:)
  13. Shrooms holy fuck i love me some boomers

  14. A very strong painkiller, also known as Oxymorphone. It gives you an intense Euphoria, Better than Oxycontin IMO. dman i love that shit. First opiate i eva did
  15. It'd probably be acid if I could find the shit. I'm gonna have to go with benzos, particularly xanax.
  16. Acid is easily my favorite.:D
  17. THC and the other cannabinoids in marijuana

    and also, do i really have to state the obvious? :p
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    Fun times: Hippy or candyflip, Coke, Nodding
    Exploration and meaning: DOC for suuuuuure.
  19. METH jk weed

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