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Your favorite drink while smoking.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thefour20man, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I know all of you men and women have something in particular you like to drink while your havin' a smoke. Ill be the first or last to say i love Caprisun when im smoking :smoke:
  2. Good ole iced tea
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    patron silver straight. lol tho had my neice over and i bought her some caprisuns, i smoked 2 fat bowls and pounded 3 caprisuns without stopping, ballin :p
  4. Cold water.
  5. Arizona Raspberry Iced Tea.
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    while AZicetea is the shit, ima go with brisk rasberry iced tea.

    i live in az and az iceT is from OHIO, WTF> OHIO ICETEA? would u still drink it with that name?
  7. Brisk?!? noo
  8. I like to have some cold beer when I'm toking :)
  9. [​IMG]

    Amazing local boutique pale ale. Microbrewers rule!
  10. Gotta go with Gatorade (orange first, then red, then blue, then yellow :D).

    Sprite is also one of my favorites right now..
  11. Iced tea! Highly recommend this:


    First had it at PF Changs.
  12. monster energy
  13. Pink Gatorade.

    Its amazing.
  14. Arnold Palmer Half & Half. So good, got the swag of tea and the sweet of lemonade. Also 99cents a can. And I know my man Arnold lit up a couple bowls after all those long days golfing.
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    Irn-bru is so amazing, its tastes like unicorn jizz.
  16. Sweet tea, Arnold Palmers, Powerade, Faygo..... And chocolate fuckin milk

    On a side note, why hasn't anyone tried to invent white chocolate milk?! :cool:

  17. Irn-Bru is amazing! Add a little vodka for a nice kick.
  18. that sounds amazing, cross-fading is pretty raw.
  19. Purple gatorade or water. Gotta stay healthy

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