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  1. Simple enough, find a pic, or a vid, or a great description, or just tell us about a moment in a film that made you go 'Wow', and just put a lump in your throat.

    For example, a favorite of mine, is Easy Rider, for the portrayal of two young bikers trying to find true freedom, on their way to a dream they call Mardi Gras.

    This moment is near the end, and needs no explanation to anyone who has seen the film. This is the best bird ever flipped on screen imho.

    I love this entire film for its portrayal of the American dream, and the many faces of its people. And why its best to keep an open mind, all the time.

    I love the end, despite how mad it made me the first time I saw it, because if the main characters had not been done in by the rednecks, they may have been tempted to spoil this classic with a sequel.

    Tell me about yours, new films, old films, indies, cartoons, documentaries, whatever made you go wow!
  2. Classic choice.

    One of my favorites comes from Easy Rider too, except it's the entirity campfire scene. These guys are baked and acting, it is brilliant.

    I've watched the movie a lot, but until recently I hadn't enjoyed it while in an oh-shit-i'm-so-high mood. That was a great choice.
  3. my favorite moment is in pulp fiction. its when sam jackson eat the white guys burger and drinks his drink. He manages to let the white guy know hes his bitch without even raising a finger.

    another favorite moment is from fear and loathing in las vegas. its the scene where johnny depp is talking about the great acid wave of the sixties. the way hunter thompson describes it, and the way johnny depp says it, makes me really think.

    and most recently all of tears of the sun. the whole movie rings a bell in my mind. you really get to see how a soldier feels about the injustices of some situations, and exactly how far a soldier is willing to go to protect his fellow man.
  4. Batman--(1989)

    every part of the movie
  5. [​IMG]

    "It's show time."​
  6. [​IMG]

    One of my favorite movies of all time! To me early on in the film, the lineup was a classic scene. From Baldwin's "GIMME THE KEYS YOU FUCKING COCK SUCKERR!" to Del Toro's mumbling and the cast trying to hold their laughs in. Great scene and great film.
  7. I have to post up another classic moment. The bank shootout in Heat.


  8. in that movie platoon with charlie sheen, tom berenger, and willem dafoe.

    my favorite scene from that is near the end, during the Vietnamese attack when charlie sheen and tom berenger are trying to kill eachother, and then the napalm starts raining in. blows the 2 of them apart. flash out now all you see is the plants scorched white from the intense heat of the napalm, bodies everywhere. charlie sheen gets up picks up an ak47 walk over to tom berenger who is hurt real bad from the explosian, and tom berenger just says well come on boy do, you think you know about killing, go ahead and do it, and charlie sheen lays 2 right in tommy boys chest.
  9. Platoon is a great flick.

    Another great scene from that film is when Sheen and the rest of them get blazed in that bunker and start singing Tracks of my Tears.


    Hey it's Johnny Drama ;)

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    I like to call that scene, "the fucking inches"
    "your soul is your own keeping" from kingdom of heaven

    These may not be from the most popular movies, but they hit me hard everytime I see them.
  11. Wow, what great responses so far, I've seen a lot of those, but not all of them, so thanks for the recommends.

    Here's another obvious choice for highlight moments, really great film from the 70's, called "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". So many great scenes, i don't know which one to pick as the best, but if you've never seen it, get it tonight and fall in love with it.

    The book by Ken Kesey is awesome as well, written from the point of view of the Big Indian, called the Chief, and the movie shows how a random free spirit called R.P. McMurphy, causes an eruption of painful self-awareness among the inmate/patients, when he finagles his way into a mental hospital to serve out the last few months of his sentence for statutory rape. It also served as a scathing expose of some very questionable tactics being used on mental patients at the time, as well as Kesey's usual anti establishment nature.

    It has one of the best casts and story lines that I can remember, full of stunning moments that will make you cheer, and groan, and climb the walls and laugh and cry and scream.

    The final climactic scene, is overwhelmingly emotional, when the Chief frees his friend McMurphy's spirit, the Chief finally finds, in his grief for his friend, the strength to free himself from the prison, which is of his own design anyway.

    The look of sheer joy and astonishment, mixed with pure defiance on the look of Christopher Lloyd's character at the 6:01 mark of this clip is my moment for this thread, but I can't find a still of it so I'll just post the whole scene.

    A classic, this one makes me go "Fuck Yeah!", and bawl like a baby at the same time.:eek:
  12. [​IMG]
    "do you like Beethoven?"
    "I'm your huckleberry"

    From some underrated films I love.
  13. The Professional is such a bangin movie
  14. [​IMG]
    Anyone else love this?

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