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Your favorite cigarettes!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MeAndMaryJane, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Havend been on grasscity in a while so i thought id post soemthing. whats your favorite cig you smoke on the days your out of bud? ive been smoking newports 100's but they are getting pretty expensive. so whats your favorite (preferably menthol) cigarette? and anyone tried the camel crush bold? im thinkin on buying that next time.
  2. I don't always smoke cigarettes, but when I do, I prefer Pall Mall Menthols. Camel Crush Bolds are better than the standard Crush. I just quit last week though haha.
  3. camel crush bolds are good. but i prefer homerolled, usually american spirits. also, in before "omg cigarettes are the devil"
  4. omg cigarettes are the devil
  5. pall mall blue. its what i do. like my personality chill... =]
  6. Marlboro 27s kinda like a marlboro red but less harsh
  7. American Spirit menthols diggzz
  8. cancer sticks.

    I enjoy Swishers, which are more like a cancer log..
    I don't smoke them a lot though.
  9. Kingsize Belmonts!
  10. Benson and Hedges silver menthol 100s ftw!
  11. This^
  12. ive never tried american spirit menthols. but ive tried their regular and they are amazing. so im gonna pick up a pack of those soon. but keep the posts coming, im gonna start a poll if i figure out how.
  13. Menthol Blue Cig. They put out some vapor for disposible cig. Taste with a hint of menthol and chocolate. L+M Menthol or Marlboro
  14. I smoked P-Funks 100
  15. Either Kools, Pall Malls, or Newports. It depends on how cheap I'm feeling.
  16. chose Marlboro i think, I dont know thats the only brand ive tried of course I subsequently threw the whole pack in the trash but it was worth a try.
  17. Ew, menthols are fucking nasty. The only people I know who smoke them are asians and chicks. I smoke these:

  18. used to smoke occasionally, deff newports:D
  19. The kind that's filled with weed.

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