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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by cowofsteel, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Okay, I need some new music, and i'm always up for anything. so everyone put their fav. band, with their best song, and ill d/l and listen to it!

    yea! ill go first!

    ummm phish or nirvana (its a tie for sure)

    phish - simple

    nirvana - spank thru
    Best song: Bodies

    That was really hard to pick the best song

  3. as hard as it is to believe, i've never heard that song

    and i deff. love miles davis, my dad listens to him allll the time

  4. i agree with the band but not the song i would have to go with mayonaise or anything off of siamese dream. But my Fav band would have to be TooL, fav. TooL song 46&2 or hooker with a penis so hard to choose.
  5. Im assuming your a pothead so I think you would appreciate these songs :

    1) Lady Say - What a Bum
    2)Sean Paul - Deport them
    3)DMX - here comes the boom
    4) Shabba Ranks - Murder She Wrote
    5)Mr.Vegas - Sucky Ducky
  6. No one said you had to agree with my favorite song.

    It took me forever to decide what my favorite song by them was...I was leaning towards Tonight, Tonight. Yeah, Siamese Dream has good stuff, but I think their sound got better after Siamese Dream...when Billy actually let D'arcy and James play, instead of playing everything himself. (Most people think they went downhill after SD, but not me. I think they got better...especially Adore....that album is so underappreciated.)
  7. Led Zeppelin - Pretty much all of their songs are bitchin' Ramble On, Livin Lovin Maid, Your Time is Gonna Come

    Rush - Fly By Night, In The Mood, Lime Light, Spirit of The Radio, Freewill, Working Man, Closer to The Heart (off Different Stages album :thumbs up: ) list goes on

    Phish (as you said) - Farmhouse, Character Zero, Free

    more to come as I think of them.
  8. my all time favorite band is ill nino. well they only have one cd that i know of, but ive never gotten sick of it and ive listened to it SOOO damn much for quite a while now.. but way back when, i also liked korn i think more than ive liked any band.. and i liked metallica as my favorite from like 1st grade through 7th grade.

    just a little story about ill nino, i know you probably wont care this is pretty stupid but oh well.. i was gonna go see them at ozzfest last year, but my mom wanted me to come to her company picnic.. so, being the nice son i am, lol, i decided to go to that. well three days later, im like hey.. werent we supposed to go to your picnic? i just realized we didnt go.. and we didnt go cuz it rained.. well i wouldve gone to ozzfest in the rain!

    plus i missed ozzfest last night. damn! the year i went, manson was on the agenda but he couldnt play in wisconsin. well this year he actually got to play and i wasnt there! so was korn! screw ozzy though i think...

  9. sublime - dointime
    incubus - make yourself, the warmth
    AFI - Bleed black

    gotta give my top three...tooo hard to narrow it down. :)

  10. thats a damn good top three right there

    im just now beggining how hard it is to pick your favorite band, i mean there are sooooo many great bands out there! I'm really really really happy i ain't deaf, yup, yup i am!

  11. why thanka :) it is hard to narrow down such good music..did you know this stuff or did you check it out for the first time?
  12. My favorite band of all time is Led Zeppelin.

    Any song by them will do but Over The Hills and Far Away just came up on my playlist so that's my favorite song of the moment.
  13. either...

    aus rotten - secret police, secret army
    rambo - wall of death the system
    against me! - what we worked for
    conflict - from protest to resistance

    these are hardcore punk and folk punk, i dunno if you can download them, as they are pretty underground, but if you want to check any of em out definitely do it! against me is the most mild of them, the other stuff is too harsh for most people.
  14. SUBLIME - Badfish

    Pink Floyd - The Wall or Dark Side of the Moon (Part of the muscial experience with Pink Floyd is to listen to the album, not just a single so no single song can be selected)

    Old School Metallica - Fade To Black

    Tool - The Grudge
  15. Pink Floyd-But i cant choose my favorite song, i have every single album though. The Doors-To hard to decide. Phish-to hard to decide

    My favourite Maiden song is Caught Somewhere In Time, but you could choose almost any one, honestly!
  17. Blind Mellon! They have more to offer then just "No Rain," you know?!

  18. the only song i hadn't heard was the AFI one, but thats due to me not listening to them, just not that one song, but it is a great song.

    As for Incubus and Sublime, they rock! they'd prolly be number 3 and 4 (in who knows what order) on my favorites list, and The Warmth is a great song.

    Sounds like theres lots of love for the smashing pumpkins round these parts
  19. Jimi hendrix-stone free and voodoo child -great songs
    Steelers wheels- That song that goes " clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am-stuck in the middle you"
    the doors-break on through
    cream-strange brew
    outkast-all their songs are good.
    sublime-doin time.
    Ice cube-wicked-friday-it was a good day-and the rest of " the predator " album was good.
    quarashi-the baseline and stick um up.

    Steelers wheels were in the 70's I think
    and Qurashi come from ice land and sound just like the beastie boyz.
  20. RUSH-the whole album of 2112

    Dream Theater-Awake

    Iron Maiden-Powerslave

    Tenacious D :D

    And last but not least The Smashing Pumpkins

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