Your Favorite Artist(s) And How You Started Listening

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  1. fun thread idea about 3 of your favorite artists and how u got put onto them.

    Eminem - i was 7 or 8 wen i first heard my name is and role model, but i rele wasnt into it since i was just a yougn lol..then like 2 years later the real slim shady came n i loved it. my aunt bought me the Marshal Mathers LP for my 10th birthday (parental advisory which my mom FLIPPPED OVER lmao) and i remember just sittin there listenin to it just absolutely mesmorized.

    Phonte of Little Brother - i always knew who they were, but i neevr listened too much outside of there album singles (whatever you say, dont go breakin my heart, lovin it)
    then one day i was in Best buy and wen i picked up the little brother cd to look at it, the kid next to me proceeded to get into an 30 minute conversation bout them and hip hop..he told me i wouldnt be dissapointed if i bought it, so i did. NEVER looked back. i bought another LB cd the same night after i listened to the first one i bought

    Nas - i was too young for illmatic..but i remember the first time my cousin showed me Hate me now i was fuckin hooked..and for the record i was and still am bumpin Ether and still am ridin with nas on that beef lol
  2. eminem. I hate juggalos, so when I heard the following excerpt I was hooked.

    "plus I was put here to put fear in faggots who spray faygo root beer and call themselves clowns 'cause they look queer". I first heard it when my brother got me the cd for christmas.

    marilyn manson. I walked into a friend's house and "count to 6 and die" was playing. I told him I liked it so he started the cd from the beginning, and I've been a fan ever since.
  3. [​IMG]

    Man I would probably give it to the Wu-Tang Clan.

    I can't say that I remember what age I first heard them but the album The RZA Hitz is what really got me into Wu-Tang. My older brotherz were fanz of Wu-Tang and I think the first Wu-Tang member I first heard was ODB but I could be wrong. I had heard trackz from different memberz but I didn't really know who they were I just knew the songz. When I started buyin' CDz I remembered I had The RZA Hitz layin' around somewhere because it was one of my brotherz but it was all fucked up. I bought that CD and that shyt blew me the fuck away. Protect Ya Neck and Winter Warz were the songz I played most from that album. Every single verse on Protect Ya Neck just put me in such a weird spot where I was like damn what the fuck am I listenin' to this shyt is crazy. I just fell in love with them right then and there. Wu-Tang was just my whole style in Junior High and that'z the main thin' I would be listenin' to. Whenever I was drivin' in the car with my dad I would ask him if it was alright if I could listen to some music of mine. That Lay Down track by U-God would be blastin' and everytime I heard them shotz goin' off as he said "Muthafucka lay down, spray soundz, spray soundz" I just couldn't help but smile. I remember when ODB died in 2004 I felt so sad like damn this dude is really dead and even after watchin' The Story of The Wu-Tang Clan just seein' him made me almost burst into tearz.

    I still love the Wu-Tang Clan and they are very important to me in my heart. I wish I was more into them like I was when I was younger but what can ya do. Wu-Tang will alwayz stay wit me forever.
  4. Living legends- saw the video for murs- can it be on mtv. thought it was dope looked up his other stuff and found them.

    Del tha funkee homosapien- found out it was him who rapped on that gorillaz track clint eastwood.

    Immortal technique- friend showed me dance with the devil and the rest is history.
  5. Word.

    I don't remember who showed me them or anything like that but the first joint I heard was Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F' Wit; the beat & the flow of the verses just had me mezmerized. After that I the rest was history. I made my 12th Grade English teacher a mix CD of a bunch of Wu & Affiliate joints after he asked me what the W on my shirt was. He ended up liking the CD and went out and bought 36 Chambers & Liquid Swords. I even made a RIP Dirt shirt that year and got the weirdest looks and questions; "Why the fuck do you have an ugly ass black dude on your shirt?" and shit like that. I seriously think I was the only one listening to Wu my Senior year. I'm never going to get sick of them. "Wu-Tang is for the children."
  6. haha i feel like that bout artists i listen to a lot. im sayin the classics ya know that most white suburban kids dont even know exist..and yet it still makes me laugh everytime my friend tells me its terrible cuz there stuck on wayne lmao

    shame on them

    i love how this thread is gettin some emotion in it with some good stories..thats exactly what i wanted.
  7. It's hard to put all your emotion into a post. I just wish I had the chance to meet Dirt Dog before he passed; every time I hear his voice on a song it puts a smile on my face; he was one funny bastard.
  8. idk i read LA's post n it reminds me a lot of me. like certain artists and just hip hop in general, it has like a huge place in my heart lol
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    I gotta add J Dilla too. I didn't listen to him for very long before he passed but I have 3 of his beat tapes and am so lucky to have listened to them. He's one of my top 3 favorite producers.
  10. Pink Floyd is definately my favorite band. I remember the first time i ever heard the happiest days of our lives into another brick in the wall (part 2). I was probably around 7, me and my dad were driving in his truck and as soon as i heard that funky bass and echoing guitar groove i knew i had found my favorite band.
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    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: I was 7 when my brother brought home their B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e mixtape that he had recorded off of a friend's boombox in 1991. Been an avid listener ever since...don't think a day goes by where I don't listen to them.

    Tupac: Remember listening to 2pacalypse Now around the same time as I listened to Bone's mixtape. Tupac was big in the hood growing up. Biggie much the same. Helped me get through a lot of shit growing up

    Nine Inch Nails: I grew up with Motown and rap music, but every now and then on a car ride with my dad he would pop in his Pretty Hate Machine tape and turn the volume up real loud. I don't think there is a song by NIN that I don't like.

    Muse: I was introduced to them on summer vacation in England in 1999. I was immediately hooked by the complexity of their music.

    Above & Beyond: one of my favorite trance groups. First heard them at a rave in late 2000. While they've gone a bit "mainstream" over the years, there's no better music to kick back to on a warm summer night while you smoke the hookah, or even better yet a blunt.

    Sublime: What isn't there to love? I didn't start listening to them until after Bradley died though, in 1997. "Wrong Way" was the first song I heard, and I was hooked.

    Bob Marley: My dad used to put me to sleep with some Marley when I was a baby. Enough said.

    Matisyahu: Growing up as a Chassidic Jew was difficult, and having somebody as talented as Matisyahu speak about Chassidism in his music was pretty cool. First heard him in 2004 on the Reggae channel on XM radio.
  12. Portugal the Man is my favorite band
    I discovered them while browsing the web one day, i guess

    Quite a quality band i must say. their songs have a kind of depth..

    this is just their first song from the album Censored Colors
    [ame=]YouTube - Lay Me Back Down[/ame]
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    Richard D. James (Aphex Twin)

    I just heard about him randomly through the internet a couple years ago and checked out his music. Started off with one album; liked the whole thing. Then I decided to get all his work.

    To this day he is still my most listened to artist. I have never gotten bored of his music and I can't think of anything by him that I don't like.

    In fact, the career path I have chosen in sound design/audio engineering is because he got me extremely interested in audio.
    I have never been this passionate about something, and really, I owe it all to him.

    I never thought music would actually affect my life to this extent.

    Thanks Richard:D
  14. Great question...three arists is tough but I'm gonna try:

    Kid Cudi - My most listened to music right now. I actually got into him from this forum. A lot of people kept mentioning him so I had to hear what's good. Was iffy with him at first but soon enough I really started to like his shit. Then when Man on the Moon came out I was blown away, cementing him as one of my all-time favorites.

    Japanther - Got into them back in '06-'07 when i went with some friends to a couple of shows in Brooklyn. They always had the best shows. The first time I went to one actually I didn't see them I was hugging the wall too drunk to know what's going on. Before the second show, got a summons for drinking in the park. Good times. When I finally heard the band in a somewhat coherent state of mind I couldn't believe how the music perfectly accompanied the environment of those wild parties. So much fun.

    Chamberlain/Split Lip - This is one band that changed their name when they reached a certain point in their development. I could never explain in words what this band means to me and some of the closest people around me so I'll just try to remember how I got into them. Like when I was 15/16 so six or seven years ago I think just exploring on the web looking for new music. Nothing special really, but no other group had hit the nail on the head quite like Chamberlain. They actually had a reunion show here in NYC last month. Without question one of the greatest nights of my life though I haven't even begun to absorb it.
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    Favorite artist of all time? A Tribe Called Quest.

    Started listening to them one day in a friend's ride while smokin a blunt. We're chillin in a grocery store parking lot, talking to each other about how hard it is to find quality music. At that time, I was listening to a lot of rap, but hadn't yet discovered hip-hop. I was yearning for a good beat, but with lyrics that were just as mesmerizing. My friend passes me the L, and puts on "Award Tour," one of Tribes' more popular songs. I was instantly addicted to the jazzy beats, and laidback rhyming style of Q Tip and Phife Dawg. ATCQ is one of those groups that no one knows about, but you put one of their tracks on and everyone in the room becomes an instant fan. I have all of their albums and listen to them over and over and over.

    [ame=""]YouTube- a tribe called quest - Award Tour[/ame]

    P.S. What is it about GZA's face that just says "I'm gonna murder you and get away with it." :smoke:
  16. TOOL/ Jimi Hendrix

    I know its a weird combo to have as my favorite bands but... whatever

    I was intro'd to TOOL by my friend (now roomate) Matt who always listend to them in high school and i remember seeing the song "Hooker With A Penis" and like any immature teen i had to know why someone would name a song that and so i looked em up and BAM!..... the rest is history:p

    And Jimay... well when i played ice hockey we were on the road a lot and had downtime on road one day my dad and i went into Sam Goody to look around and he ended up buying the "Voodoo Child: The Best of Jimi Hendrix"... and we listend to both CD's like three times through on the way home... it was a fucking awesome, eye/ear opening experience... HENDRIX FTMFW:metal::metal::metal:
  17. dude, i swear to god ive thought the same bout GZA..just wen i look at him im like hed be perfect for a serial killer role in a movie

    but does ne1 remember this shit yoo?

    "you need to diversify yo bonds, *****"
  18. "This ain't tradin places *****, this is real. fuckin. life!"

    haha classic shit.

  19. protect ya god damnn neck! lmao but the best part is when he slaps the girls ass at the end lmaooooooooooooooo i seriously miss chappelles show..comedy central has tried to duplicate it like 5 times but nothin comes close. dave is a comedic genius. where the fuck is that man i want a TV return!!!!!!

    and plus, Dave knows whats up with hip hop.
  20. yeah Dave knows whats up. Its too bad he decided to end his show, but you gotta respect him for walking away at the top.

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