Your Favorate Song to light that blunt or bowl to

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Your favorate high tunes

  1. No women No cry "Bob Marley"

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  2. Im like a Bird "Nelly Furtato"

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  3. Killing Me Softly "The fugges"

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  4. Cause i got High "Afro Man"

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  5. Purpel Haze "Jimmy Hendriz"

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  6. Nothin but the Funk "George Clinton"

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  7. How many wanna ride with me "Ja Rule"

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  8. Toxcity "Systems of a down" (I think thats the name of the song, If wrong plz correct me)

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  9. Keep Ya Head up "2 pac"

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  10. November Rain "Runs and Roses"

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  1. From reading some of the other threads I believe that music plays a role in all stonners high life,Some more than others. But every ones got that one song that has some signifcance. mabey the song that was playin the first time u got high. Or that song that was playin when the most funniest thing u ever saw when u were high happend, shit like that. The first time I got high No women No cry by Bob marley was playin, I love that song, No matter how bad of a day im havin I can play that shit, and i know every things gonna be allright. i listed some of my favorates, If u dont see yours, post it.
  2. Anything by Phish :)
  3. damn u been postin hella polls....
    i'd say "Flippin Chickens" Brotha Lynch & C-Bo
  4. soads song is "toxicity" u sed 2 correct u, and thats obviously it, thier my fav band, metal rocks :D:D
  5. toxicity isn't my favorite song off that album but it's still the best song on that list prison song by system of a down is awesome everyone should hear it once at least but anyways system rules
  6. I voted for because I got high
    However Myself and my friends like Adam Sandlers Goat song!

  7. i like to listen to ressurrection by fear factory when im high, adam sandler is funny as hell when ur high though
  8. Broken Wings by Tupac...Just reflect and think about times past.
  9. "the weed song" by bone thugs.. these dudes flow fucks with your head when ur blazed
  10. the goat with adam sandler thats great you gotta have that on the list
  11. well hello everyone. ive read your msgs n found them interesting, however ive not yet seen eminem on there. his music is ace. when ur stoned even better! one of my favs is drug ballad that song is the best 4 when ur high. but any other of eminems songs do the trick for me! maybe it was becuase thats wat i istened to when i first started. my taste in music is varied though. i prefer metal when im not stoned.
  12. damn, so many songs to choose from, but mr. Hendrix is the man. Purple haze just does it to me.
  13. toughy for me because im really into hendrix but as a whole i like the type of music system of a down sings... so i chose that.....

  14. yup i have to agree with this one... his flow is unbelievable and this dude has us rollin even when were not high

    "So I just, throw up a middle finger and let it linger
    longer than the rumor that I was stickin it to Christina
    Cause if I ever stuck it to any singer in showbiz
    it'd be Jennifer Lopez, and Puffy you know this!
    I'm sorry Puff, but I don't give a fuck if this chick was my own mother
    I still fuck her with no rubber and cum inside her
    and have a son and a new brother at the same time
    and just say that it ain't mine, what's my name?"
  15. eminem takes in the ass though... but you already knew that. When i get a chance to be high and listen to tunes i listen to icp and ozzy.
  16. the older stuff is ok but the newer stuff isnt that bad

  17. right right.. icp's real cool...
  18. musical youth - pass the dutchie

    souls of mischief - 93 'til infinity

    steppenwolf - magic carpet ride
  19. cmon you gotta go with the hendrix.

    But when im toking alone I like to put on "The Divded Sky" by Phish, or "Theme from the Bottom"

    Maybe some Dick Dale cuz surf music is great when stoned.
  20. Terrapin Station by Grateful Dead makes you seem as though you're floating. So does Black Magic Woman by Santana...

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