Your Fav Vape and Experience

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  1. Vapir No2 
    Works for beginners and experienced 

  2. Mine is actually a vaporizer that I do not own personally. The sublimator has the overall best hit of any vape I have used just sucks its so expensive.
  3. My favorite vape?............My LSV.
    My favorite vape experience?............The never-ending amazement of dumping out the ABV from the stem of my Purple Days and seeing how little it took to get me high.    The efficiency of that vape is astounding !!!
  4. Current favorite vape is my herbalaire. The best part about it is pulling out a whole nug that has been vaped and breaking it apart just to see how the HA gets every little bit of goodness out of unground herb.
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    Lotus with WPA and J hook. I love the taste, clouds, ease of use and performance, Pure convection so only vapes when you draw on it.  ABV is always even and it hits very hard indeed.
  6. I have had an extreme q for 5 months and love it. However, after receiving my solo yesterday I like that more. Solo for new bud, extreme q for abv
  7. Favourite Vaporizer: HEBE Titan 2
    Best Experience: Its so portable and rugged that I kept it in my back pocket for a rock climb, at the top of the cliff, it was pure euphoria to vape off it. 

    RuffHouse Studios actually did a review of it... called it "The Perfect Vape"
  8. I think your shameless advertising would be more effective if you werent so blatant about it. Learn to be at least a LITTLE sneakier so it can be more entertaining to call you out :/

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