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  1. Well, I shall let it be known I have a habbit of getting baked and going to sing some karaoke. There are some songs that I love to sing because they get everybody going. The Beatles "Little Help From my Friends" And the Barenaked Ladies "One Week" are probably the ones I find myself singing most when I go, along with some classic Ozzy stuff and just other random rock(AC/DC, Rush, etc).

    I was wondering first.. if any of my fellow stoners also like to do this, and second, what do you like to sing when you go?

    Plus having new ideas for good songs is always nice. :hello:
  2. Hehe!
    I used to do Karaoke. I do it sometimes when I'm down and need a lift.
    My fav's to sing are Son of a Preacher Man by..iforget by who. I think I'm paranoid by Garbage...and, um. I forget.
  3. Awesome! both of those songs are really good, hehe don't think I'm pulling off any female vocals any time soon though. :D

    I go once a week, sometimes twice.. I've got a full blown karaoke addiction :eek:
  4. Hehe, cool. Keep it up.
    I found that going to karaoke was a good way to find new songs. There was always this couple that sang beatles songs. I would always write down on a napkin or sunmpin the names. Found some great songs that way.
  5. i like to sing tenacious d songs real loud :metal:
  6. right on dude, I've sang the song Tribute on more than one occasion, definitely fun to do
  7. outkast - roses
    journey - don't stop believin

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