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your eyes still get red?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobication, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. I found that my eyes are getting a little more immune to getting red every time i blaze. I still get the glazzed look but not red, unless I was hotboxxin a car or somethin... then thats smoke with direct contact of the eye and its harsh.. I dunno... i kinda wanna see if this really is a skill I got from smokin plenty of herbs. or something else....
  2. mine still get red as shit after 4 years of smoking... nothing a little clear eyes can't clear right up though
  3. My eyes stay a little red at all times... Every now and then , clear eyes will take out most of the redness!!!
  4. I dont think thats something that you can become immune to!
  5. i usely dont get red eyes.... only after i smoke a shit load.....

    but just give me some jack daniels... and i turn into a mutane... cyclopes style...

  6. ..some? many horns pokin through now?
  7. after 5 years my eyes are still red but then again im always hot boxin the car
  8. My eyes don't get red any more, I think once you smoke a shit load of some dank, you just get use to it.
  9. yeah man, i think soo... its like a skill you get
  10. in my entire year of smoking herb my eyes have always just gotten a tint like yours.
  11. My eyes only vaguelly turn red, and it doesnt last very long....
  12. sometimes my eyes get red, and sometimes they don't. but everyone can always tell when i've been smoking cause my eye's barely open. i don't even noticed that they're so close to being closed. and i just look like a goofball when i try to look sober. usually when i go out in public i wear a beanie and my glasses so people can't tell.
  13. My eyes stay red. I've been getting high forever and I don't think they've ever missed a bleeding session. They get shiny too which makes the red stand out more.
  14. only sometimes when i smoke alot n its my first smoke of the day

    ..they r always glazed though
  15. What's that black spot? Damn, I can't see through the redness. That's how it is with me.
  16. my eyes have not once ever gotten red that i have noticed. of course i dont check everytime i smoke, but everytime i do theyre not red. they get glazy though.

    When things get hazy, my eyes are glazy lalala.
  17. It all depends on what piece you use to smoke. A chillum or bowl will get your eyes red. While a bong and a hookum won't.
  18. My eyes never go red if I just smoke a small joint, only when I get really high.
  19. Man this thread has perfect timing. I have been smoking for like 7rs now, and lately I have noticed that my eyes don't get red anymore. The weird thing is that it seemed like it happened all of the sudden. This is my simple stoner theory, but I think it is because I finally said "fuck it" and stopped using eyedrops to cover up the redness. So after a few weeks, my eyes just stopped gettin red. Seems kinda weird still cuz my friends dad has been smokin for like 35 yrs or some shit and his eyes still get red.
  20. Mine stopped getting red a long time ago, but they still get glossy/red-ish and itchy sometimes, so eye drops I use every now and then...

    420the post!! (didnt feel like makin a whole thread for it)

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