Your Experience with Weedmaps ?

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Is Weedmaps a good service?

  1. As a consumer- no

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  2. As a consumer- yes- but not many other otions

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  3. As a consumer- yes- it rocks.

  4. As a consumer- meh - but not many other options

  5. as a business- no - too expensive

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  6. as a business- no- review system is corrupt

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  7. as a business - yes, it's a godsend

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  8. As a business- yes- but wish there were other options

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  1. Ok- a number of dispensaries and delivery services are contemplating a class action lawsuit. Interested in hearing experiences from both users and businesses.

    Our issues (Well, some of them).
    1) The selling of gold status to the highest bidder - rather then any objective method, in ranking services.
    2) No alogorithim used. IE- anyone who drops a pin and then shills a 5 star review becomes higher ranked then a long existing business with hundreds of reviews.
    3) Their over eagerness to remove bad reviews. Pretty much all a service has to do is whine about a bad review- and it's gone.
    4) the flipside of #3 . When new ownership takes over a business- they really don't want to work with you to remove reviews from the previous owner that ran the business into the ground. And not just asking to remove bad reviews- but all. And it doesen't matter if you've just taken over, or owned the business for years. The previous idiots reviews continue to affect you.
    5) Their rates just keep climbing and climbing. Even as they fail to provide customer service. Auction off rankings. And become less and less trustworthy in consumer and businesses eyes.

    A lot of us feel since it was sold back to the founders- it has really brought out the worst in the industry. The players are free to shill their businesses as much as they want. Or buy their ranking. While the good businesses tend to just have to shrug it off.

    It doesn't affect me a great deal- more infuriates me. I am a mid sized, high end boutique legal grow. I deal with close to a dozen dispensaries and delivery services around the state who have increasingly complained about Weedmaps over the past year-18 months. (quite a few more who are well enough established they've removed themselves from weedmaps). Exorbiant rise in fees. Being held hostage to "buying" top rankings. And what seems to be a heavily abused review process. Most of the businesses I know won't challenge reviews but respond to them. Even when it's from a newly registered person giving them a bad review and a low end startup five stars. Even when this happen 10 times in a few days. On the otherside- a lot of the low end startups seem to get every review less then glowing removed.

    So- if your a cannabis business- what is your experience with weedmaps? Both on their service side and their review side. And have you had to waste time dealing with their slack review process?

    As a customer- Do you trust their review process? Their rankings? Have you found them accurate- or have you found your favorite spots ranked or reviewed worse then the places you can't stand? And do you find their website- and particularly their mobile app- user friendly?
  2. Weedmaps used to be good, now shops write reviews for them selves. I will read 20+ reviews on a shop saying its the best. Go to the shop to find it less then average, like WTF? I stopped using weedmaps and shops. Go through the vendors directly for better deals.

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