"Your ethnicity, Favorite Band/Artist, Favorite TV Show" OFFICIAL THREAD

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  1. Lets get to know one another bros and girls.

    Ethnicity: Brasilian
    Band: Sublime
    TV Show: Workaholics
  2. 1. White healthy american proud to be a man
    2. i dont generalize captian
    3. i dont watch tv much but when i do i prefer "The Creme Da Le Creme"
  3. Ethnicity: Jewish
    Favorite band: Pennywise
    Favorite TV show: Fringe or Archer
  4. 50% German and 1/6th Irish, Spainish, and Russian
    Favorite band the doors
    Favorite show it's always sunny
  5. White
    Depeche Mode
    South Park

  6. 1. Uber white
    2. Dont know if I could pick just one so I'll say the beafootirbedmarfloy
    3. Mythbusters
  7. American Hel yah!
    Band: Good music is Good music!
    Tv show: It's always sunnny!
  8. -100% caucasian
    -Screeching Weasel/Ramones/TheBeachBoys/ThePogues/TheBeatles(can't pick one)
    -I don't watch T.V.
  9. Ethnicity: Irish
    Band: none in particular.. I like old school punk, ska and stoner rock
    TV: father ted/killinaskully/republic of telly (all irish shows), I hate American sitcoms.. just such a different sense of humour I guess
  10. African American.. ?

    Band: Jack's Mannequin(I'm going by the band that I have the most songs by in my itunes and that I don't always skip when they come on)

    Show: The Original Twilight Zone Series or Alfred Hitchcock Presents
    (Followed by Shameless)
  11. White

    Ugh, so many, I can't choose one, so I'll just say Slightly Stoopid because I'm listening to them right now.

    I love mythbusters :D
  12. Ethnicity: PR
    Favorite Band/Artist: Mushroomhead/Celph Titled
    Favorite TV Show: Entourage

    Wooo for me!!
  13. White-USA
    Band: Led Zeppelin
    Tv Show: Family Guy
  14. 1. Half Spanish, half euro mut

    2. So much... all time fave prob Thrice

    3. Anything funny. Comedy is the only thing worth watching, I live the drama already...
  15. Ethnicity : Irish/native Mexican

    Artist :Three way tie between Immortal Technique,System of a down and citizen cope.

    TV show: Don't watch TV anymore really if I do its always sunny , the office , planet earth or anything on travel channel.

    However, this doesn't really tell you much about me.
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    Ethnicity: euro-mutt
    Favorite band: will never have one
    Favorite tv show: that 70s show
  17. Half black, 1/4 white, 1/4 native american

    Biggie smalls

    Family guy
  18. White
    Any music I like
    South Park :D
  19. Mix of shit overall white favorite music country some jason aldean Eric church Allan Jackson hank William jr
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    ethnicity ----> black irish, swedish

    music ----> nin, hed pe, thievery corporation

    tv ----> south park, wilfred, hell on wheels, walking dead

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