Your dream team (present players only)

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    SG - Dwyane Wade



  2. PG: D-Rose
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Durant
    PF: K-Love
    C: Dwight Howard

    It's a toss up really at sf with Lebron and Durant.. You could put one at PF but I'd rather have a true PF in Love.
  3. PG - Steve Nash

    SG - Dwayne Wade

    SF - LeBron James

    PF - Kevin Love

    C - Dwight Howard

    If you're wondering about the point guard, I still believe Steve Nash plays at an extremely high level(especially if you look at the talent around him) and a team of this kind of star power would need somebody unselfish who is always look to pass.
  4. pg- derrick rose
    sg-dwayne wade

    pf-kevin love
    c- bynum
  5. pg- derrick rose
    sg- dwayne wade
    sf- kevin durant
    pf- kevin love
    c- dwight howard
  6. Gimme
    Pg: deron Williams
    Sg: Kobe Bryant
    Sf: Kevin Durant
    Pf:Kevin love
    C: Dwight Howard
  7. [quote name='"Keep It Lit"']PG: D-Rose
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Durant
    PF: K-Love
    C: Dwight Howard

    It's a toss up really at sf with Lebron and Durant.. You could put one at PF but I'd rather have a true PF in Love.[/quote]

    Damn very similar to mine I had a tough choice at pg tough choice between deron, rondo, rose an Paul
  8. Pg: DRose
    Sg: CP3
    Sf: Lebrick
    PF: K Love
    C: Jokim Noah

    Im going with the two point gaurd line up, and the best two at that. We'll be running (fast break game), pressure D, and a lot of steals. High pace basketball.
  9. Pg - derrick rose
    Sg - ben gordon
    Sf - paul pierce
    Pf - amare stoudemire
    C - dwight howard

    All east players

    Go Magic
  10. ^ lol Pierce over James and Durant?

    PG Derrick Rose
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Kevin Durant
    PF Kevin Love
    C Dwight Howard
  11. ^^^ he also has stoudemire at PF. dude's dream team isn't a very good dream lol
  12. imagine these two teams against eachother:

    pg: chris paul
    sg: kobe bryant
    sf: kevin durant
    pf: kevin love
    c: dwight howard

    pg: derrick rose
    sg: dwayne wade
    sf: lebron james
    pf: blake griffin
    c: andrew bynum
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    PG: Derek Fisher
    SG: Sasha Pavlovic
    SF: Luke Walton
    PF: Brian Scalabrine
    C: Toss up between Hasheem Thabeet and Eddy Curry

    lol but nah I feel like making a current all defense team instead.

    PG: Rajon Rondo
    SG: Tony Allen
    SF: Andre Iguodala
    PF: Josh Smith
    C: Dwight Howard
  14. PG: Derrick Rose
    SG: James Harden
    SF: Kevin Durant
    PF: LaMarcus Aldridge
    C: Dwight Howard

    I'd rather have Aldridge over Love for a couple reasons. On a team with Dwight Howard you don't really need your PF to be a dominant rebounder. And Kevin Love's defense is atrocious while Aldridge is an above average defender. I really like the spacing this team would have with decent to excellent shooters at the 1 to the 4. It would give Howard a lot of room to operate in the paint. And you have two closers you can go to in crunch time with Rose and Durant.
  15. I think you nailed it if you are going for best defensive player at every position. You could argue Deng for SF, Ibaka or Gibson for PF, and Rose/Rubio/Paul for PG. Either way though that would be a great defensive team. Especially if the team was coached by Thibs.
  16. 1-Rondo...D rose, He is the mvp for a reason.
    2-Joe Johnson....
    3-Kevin Durant
    4-Josh Smith
    5-Dwight howard
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    I really dont see how you could dispute that. The only possible change would be to have either wade or rose at pg. but that team has so many scorers you need someone to distribute the ball to the bigs rather than a shooting pg. rondo is the best passer in nba imo. And bynum over howard anyday
  18. Cp3/d-will/nash

    Team 1a 1b and 1c you can interchnge them as you like. There are only 2 centers out there worth it
  19. You could definitely swap Deng for Iggy, it is very very close. As far as Ibaka, he is a great team defender, but his post defense leaves much to be desired. He will improve though, still very young and raw.

    I totally forgot about Taj though, he is an amazing defender. So versatile as well, cause he can switch onto guards and has the footspeed to hold his ground.

    Rose? Yeah, he has been playing some nasty on ball defense this year, so much more improved on that end. But CP3? He has fallen off as a defender, he still gets steals but gambles too much, same with Rubio. Both Paul and Rubio do not have the lateral quickness that Rondo has.
  20. Steve Nash
    Kobe Bryant
    Kevin Durant
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Dwight Howard

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