your dream job?

Discussion in 'General' started by .AcidTrip., Sep 17, 2008.

  1. i know many of us wanted to have another carrier but probably couldnt cause it was like just a dream or someshit what whats your?

  2. Destroyer of worlds.

  3. A legal coffee shop owner outside of Holland... preferably England or the US:D
  4. oooh craighebert, such a funny, funny man!
    and i would be a film producer/director/writer.
    hopefully college can get me there.
    i want to be famous
    next year it all begins.
  5. haha same here eudxking but too late for me i've always wanted to dirct or write a movie
  6. Sports Illustrated sports photographer
  7. [​IMG]

    Growing for people who need their medicine,

    And grow enough so that I could sell to the clubs and still give enough away to those who cant afford it.

    And also teaching. . .
    always wanted to be a teacher.
  8. im gonna join the many many many others who are gonna say professional grower. i love growin ganj but to get paid for it... hell yeah.
  9. Yh im gonna have to agree with you both and say a grower... i do it legaly here in spain anyway... and get payed for it;).... but yh still.....
  10. i wanna be a professional slacker

    just living on an island somewhere growin weed and my own food so i never have to leave :D

    oh it'll happen one day...
  11. why u wanna become famous??
    it will destory your private life

    anyways for me
    i wanna become pot farmer and concept artist
  12. I would own my own greenhouse and cross all kinds of strains to do different shit for people who need it... and for those who simply enjoy it.
  13. i just want to be recognized for making people happy, and doing something i've allways wanted to do.
    but not realyl sure how hard it wold be to become a famous director/writer/producer.
    as for my privite life......ehh..
  14. Professional sports trainer.
  15. hell ye dude, director or editor. writing is too complicated. Once i get my major in film from VCU im gonna transfer to UCLA to get my masters. hopefully my dream job isnt too far away
  16. astronomer

    or just the guy who has rich parents and never has to work
  17. professional couch potato.

    paid by the year beyotch
  18. sometimes i wish i was an ac... i would be the coolest mother fucker of all time

  19. Haha, we're two peas in a pod. That's exactly what I was thinking. It would be cool as hell if someone paid me to live. I'm tired of doing stuff for other people.

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