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Your Dream Grow-Op

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WHITEGHOST0615, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. ok, i've often thought, "ok, now how could i turn this room i'm in into a awesome grow lab?" i analyze and size up every room i spend time in(Toke in too) and i start to figure out structural modifications to fit my needs, all cool kinda secret passegeway crap. i watched a video called the Union, and it showed a spot, where a guy used to have a grow up in canada, that had 20 train cars all lined up in 2's,
    __________ ____________
    [ :p cheating
    you get the picture.....20 cars, full of pot. the only thing is that it was all underground..........

    he had a little "Duck Hunting" hut up on top, and a ladder through the floor into the operation below...

    This has inspired me to write this thread and ask the citizen's of Grasscity, what Your Dream Grow Op would be? Wether it be shape, size, look, what, where, when, how, who would u hire to build it, Oh Man! this all just fun exciting stuff to just fathom, i challenge everyone who even just reads this thread, to try to answer this for them selves, it's really quite fun......
  2. The military base being used as a pot factory in Pineapple Express.
    Enough said.
  3. a ranch with all the top strains growing by the hundreds would be my dream grow op. OUTDOOR
  4. those are like huge things, anybody got something cool like the trains?
  5. There is this corner of one of my farms that i dream about converting because you could grow trees around the entrance so nothing could go in and it perfectly blends in with the rest of the forrest. and there is a water sourse on one side (small river) a dense forrest on one and farmland on the other two. you could take an ATV or 4 wheel drive truck to the edge of the farmland and walk through the forrest(which is just thick enough not to be able to see through) and do your buisness pick up what you needed to pick up and leave.without anyone thinking you did anything but go fishing in the creek. Thanks for reading :smoking:
  6. an underground ratchet grow lab like in pineapple express that only contains the dopest of dope!
  7. this is a good one, although, u would want to be concerned with it being seen from a helicopter
  8. My family has a house miles from anyone on a hill side in the middle of Wales (UK) that I thought would be quite funny to turn into a grow house. It's totally isolated yet has mains water and electricity; pretty much a perfect grow op. It was originally a 2 up 2 down house so all the (original) rooms are the same size. Thought about how I could use the upstairs to grow Sativas (higher ceilings) with one room as veg and one room as flower and do the same downstairs with indicas, one room veg one room flower.

    Thought that would be pretty funny.
  9. #9 420ci, Feb 15, 2010
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    I always watch the home channel (extreme makeover, property virgins etc) and some houses are set up amazing for grows its fun to watch :hello:

    oh and my dream grow op would be an indoor with at least 25 plants always flowering. A whole basement with great ventilation and tons and tons of lighting... growing the absolute dankest of the dank. mannn
  10. I just want a basement. Lol.
  11. Mine own private island in international waters where growing and smoking is not a crime! :smoking: Kinda like the movie "the beach"
  12. thats would actualy be pritty cool, u should try to get that house under ur name, so u can turn it into a grow op.
  13. If my grow works out this year it will be a dream come true. I wish this plant was de-criminalized so I could just use the greenhouse. ya know..
  14. I'd convert a warehouse into a shittake mushroom growing facility and underground that have rooms for growing magic mushrooms and weed with laser trip wire security and like remote controlled self destruction buttons and the predators from Alien guarding the shit.
  15. A small set up, with enough to grow for me, and a few friends.

    Oh wait, I'm already doing that :p
  16. Would love to convert the extra bedroom into a grow room. I want a Veg Area, Flowering Area, and Even a breeding area. I would also want to have solar arrays, and a wind powered generator in order to generate my own electricity. I would run water to this room that comes from a reverse osmosis system, and make sure I have plumbing to drain my waste water out. I would love to automate these rooms as much as possible, so I can go away on vacation without having to have someone else come to kill everything while I am gone. This room would also be tested with peppermint oil to verify that the smell does not leave this room at all. Any trace smell of the oil will be rectified, until I can guarantee the smell does not escape. Also, sound proofing will be done as well as the scent proofing.

    People should be able to come over, and be sitting right outside the door of this room, and never know it is there.
  17. haha good plan my man
  18. Mine would be an underground bunker sort of thing located under a neighbours house/off of my property with a secret passageway located behind a book case. I'd vent it out underneath evergreens which always have a well underneath in the winter. I'd also want a decontamination chamber, and an airlock to guarantee no smell escapes. It would have white walls and all the tables and whatnot would be shiny stainless steal. It would be powered by a hydroelectric generator as to remain off the main power grid so it would be virtually undetectable. Of course no grow of this magnitude would be complete without such strains as G-13 and Alaskan Thunder Fuck (The legit ones not the bitch strains people call that to raise the price). I'd also have Jack Herer, White Widow, and considering its a dream why not some Oracle as well.
  19. my future grow op would be anything, honestly lul. i'd be so happy to grow and not have to worry about shit like the cops or robbers or anything. like it would be legal and you won't get in trouble or looked down for it. sad but hopefully it'll happen eventually. nice thread though.

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