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  1. I am planning on making my own Herb grinder like a space case or kannastor what does everyone think..what makes the perfect grinder the sky is the limit. this is what i have so far[​IMG]

  2. all of this is based from my experience with my cali crusher so other higher end grinder may have already accounted for these...
    • Correct sized/spaced holes so all of the bud is fully ground 
    • smoothest threads possible
    • strong magnet
    • a grinder with some weight to it (may just be me but i would rather have a fairly weighted grinder over a feather)
    • Maybe come with a brush to clean the spacing between the teeth
  3. Mabey try putting 2 screens in to catch even finer kief, seperating it from more plant matter if even possible. Never seen a 5 part grinder, would be intresting.

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  5. OP, good luck making your own space case
  6. Yeah, my cali crusher lets a few semi grinded nugs fall through after a turn or too I'm not sure if its the spacing or size of the holes that allow that to happen.
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    i have a space case and its amazing, that being said a grinder is a grinder..... i dont like cranks and it has to have a kief trap. if your grinder leaves chunks just put the teeth end facing down and give it a couple twists then rightside up then twist again to get it nice and fine.
    the reason i love my space case comes down to 3 things,
    1 the amount/ size /shape of the teeth + holes
    2 the grade of kief screen
    3 how smooth it turns.
    before and after in ma space case
    ("space case" seen in middle is the triangle scraper that came with for the kief trap)
  8. I got a two piece jumbo space case. It is my dream grinder. I wish i had the scratch proof one, that's about all the improvements that could be made.
  9. This what your grinders look like OP?
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    The grinder i have now with a screen that didnt get clogged so often. It was cheap works better than a cali crusher and is perfectly sized. Sadly though its not the best ill admit it cuz id definitly hope thyre are better but i dont really dream bout grinders and am perfectly content with it lol.

    Op doe just do a double grinder so people can seperate strainssss lol and make sure you dont forget me when you make that bank haha. But honestly the only thing id hate would be if it didnt grind right not to fine or to choppy(unless you turn it upside down),collect kief alot (some are definitly better as more surface area and such.), and or was hard to grind or broke quickly. An airtight grinder would be noce or evEn one where you didnt have to unscrew it to get to the bud like a tray. Damn i should patent that last one.

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