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your dream day

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. what would it be like?
    I had my dream day yesterday, it was awsome.

    I was at my best friends house, with a girl I really like, gettin high, eatin pizza, and watchin half baked!!
    Can you imagine anything as fun as that?

  2. Yes Getting high with some close friends watching Super Troopers.. LOL
  3. LOL BH!!!

    my dream day would be waking up and realizing that all my dreams have come true.
  5. running out to cali with that girl I cant get outta my head, opening up a surf shop, skydiving on the weekends and vacations to jamaica..
  6. lol, just a dream day? yeah that super trooper kind of day sounds like a :)
  7. Sensi have you seen super trooper yet?

  8. omg, its my favorite funny movie. I can not stop laughing throughout that whole movie. I wanted to move to that town after the first time I saw it!
  9. LOL you and me both.
  10. haha hell ya. I dont got many bills im lucky \o/
  11. In my dream day I'd wake up to find that I was the leader of a secret underground resistance movement in a post apocolyptic world. I'd smoke up while me and my girl busted some radioactive zombie ass.
  12. get up... smoke a bowl.... make breakfast... smoke a bowl... get this girl up who I have a big thing for... smoke a bong with her... watch some cool films (would have to watch kung pow)... make a little lunch and smoke a bong/bowl... watch some more films... while smoking more bowls and then down to the pub for a few pints and then back home... n'other bowl and then me and said girl...
  13. yeah ... one of my good female friends is comming over monday ... im gonna smoke a nice 1/8 honey dipped joint with her .. and listen to some pink floyd ... should be fun...
  14. i had a dream nite tonight. well just about. i went into nashvegas to see a band play but they ended up cancelling along with the other headliner because the snow rolled back in tonight. A girl with a hollow body and a guy with a fiddle played some just entrancing, laid back blues that just took me somewhere else. The tab at the bar was cheap (can you believe that?) and the music was first class. I think this was the first night i've seen such a small scale show that was so good. What a blast!
  15. I really should have went for that girl.

    You know, now adays, she is pregnant and the dad is in jail??

    I really shouldn't try to read old threads. The good memories come with the bad.

    Sorry. Off topic.

  16. My dream day would have to be the day when its not busy as fuck at work.
  17. dream day would be hitting up a race track with my bf & twin sister.
    ohh yeah that would be soo funnn<3
  18. smoking in amsterdam, or cali, anywhere with a beautiful view with a chick and good music
  19. Become an explorer and travel the globe + smoke marijuana.

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