Your definition of bagseed

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mustangkiller, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. I use it referring to a seed that came out of a bag of commercial dirt weed. What say you? Seems to me that most of you mean any seed out of a bag regardless of quality.
  2. I consider it seeds that come from schwag bud.
  3. To me, bagseed is any seed of an unknown strain/sex. Quality of the herb is irrelevant imo, since you can get a bagseed from quality weed, if you're lucky.
  4. Seed that comes from a bag. Ive had fire shit that had seeds in it not many though.
  5. a seed that was unintentionally made, regardless of strain or quality. Usually the result of a plant going hermie or something.
  6. any seed i find in any bag. if i bought weed and i found a seed its a bagseed
  7. If I bought straight from the grower, who really knew his shit then IF there was a seed, it's not really bag seed but pretty much anything that comes out of a bag. Think about it, generally if its got a lot of seeds its not that good of weed, so thats why most bag seed is from shitty weed. some times those border hoppers get it right and you got a real good batch of some sticky thats got a couple of seeds, but really most other seeds your gonna get are gonna be simmalar stuff, just that plant wasnt taken care of and that particular bag was bad. I've sampled some juicy, stanky dank from the seeds from a bag that was pretty ditchy. It's inspired me to start growin myself just planed 5 seeds I've collected to see how it goes, try the others later when I have more time. But Bagseed is pretty much random seed, regardless of quality

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