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Your Dealer, your friend?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dale.Gribble, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Hey GC

    I was just curious how many fellow GC members have dealers that are actually their friend, not just someone they see roughly once a week to grab some buds off, and when they do they only see their dealer for a very short period of time.

    The buddy I get my buds of is a real good friend of mine, his bags are never fucking short, which I really appreciate. :) I don't think I could buy off anyone else considering hes been my dealer now for a couple years.. But how many people here have dealers that they cant trust..

    Thanks for the feedback, keep on tokin' GC :bongin:
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    Nah most of my dealers are just friends of friends. I've smoked with some a couple of times but I wouldn't really consider any of them my friends, more like acquaintances lol. Nothing against them though some are cool but others are just dudes I wouldn't ever end up chillin with.
  3. Oh yeah, cool. You find you trust him for the person he is, or just because of the friends you went through to meet him.
  4. I was friends with a guy forever, then we just stopped hanging out. But a month or two ago, I find out he's moving some heavy weight. So I always buy from him when I do. He always hooks it up. Best part is: if I bring a pack of blunts with me, he'll always roll all of them up and blaze with me for free. He's a good man. But if he's dry, he'll make some calls and get me another hook-up. I feel blessed.
  5. my one boy supplied the town, and a couple other buddies sold in town, so my old dealers use to be best freinds with me lol dime bags of mid where 1/4s
  6. I grew up with my dealer, I even put him onto weed lol.
  7. I've known my dealer since the 6th grade...never shorts me and always smokes me up..hes pretty much my best friend
  8. I didn't grow up with my dealer but I did put him on to weed
  9. I used to etheir get my sheet from my sister or a friend of a friend but now im my own dealer :p
  10. went through school with my dealer, known eachother since little league.. hahaha
  11. hay guys... im living in ireland n its virtualy imposibble to find good weed. ocasionaly some good stuff pops up but usualy the dealers r money hungry n sell bad bags of sprayed weed. not sure what its sprayed with at the mo but for a while it was silica sand to add weight n because its all thats available people buy it n dont know ant better.. im what most of my friens would call a conisure n would gladly go without then promote the sale of sprated shit so il wait for my grow to run its course till some good stuff pops up. to answer your original quest. irish dealers are no ones friends.....
  12. Well my 3 best friends from elementary school all grew up to deal weed. One stopped, one got caught, got fucked pretty bad, but I think he'll avoid jail time, and the other is still dealing. The one that is still dealing gives shitty bags, I know it's not personal so I just don't call him. My other dealer I met in middle school and he would HOOK my shit up. Ridiculoussss bags, I mean 10 bucks would get you 2 grams of some crazy ass bud from him. He just got caught on Thursday though, so I gotta go outta my town right now. The kids I pick up from now are just my dealers, I don't really look at them as friends really, I've never chilled with them if it didn't involve weed. I'm picking up a QP soon, gonna start making some cash, and I know many of my friends are excited.
  13. Nice, what you being charged a QP if you dont mind me asking..
  14. some are and some arent. I always try to go to my friends first though
  15. 330 dollars sir. Sticking to mids right now, gonna work with dro in another week or two.
  16. Yah I don't much like buying off other people, what so ever.. my buddy's been good to me, so I'm gonna be good to him by not going to anyone else when I'm in need.
  17. I would consider my dealer a friend before I considered him a dealer, honestly. He fronts me sacks when I need to, and will give me free sacks for helping him with other business and recreational stuff. It would appear that we are both grateful for the friendship we have developed in the last few years, and feel like we can talk to each other about pretty much anything and everything. He invites me over to kick it with him and play video games on his bomb ass 50 inch panasonic flat panel, loading and passing bowls my way the entire time.
  18. one of my good friends is my "dealer". It actually feels weird to call him my dealer because hes my friend first, guy who gives me weed second.
  19. Fuck yea man, sounds a lot like my dealer. :)
  20. i got like 5 close boys who deal, weed,oc's,perks,x,acid,mushies... and we all get fucked up together n chill. if any of them dont have shit i have like 50+contacts for bud so i usually always buy off my friends. my perc 30 connect is tha shit, if i help him out (make plays) he gives me bumps, or charges me next to nothing and we go halfs on blunts

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