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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SuicidalSpaz, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. So for those of us working class people, this thread's for us.

    Today is my Day off, I get one a week, sometimes two.

    I love to just chill, it's great. I have 2 grams of some really nice homegrown Dank buds. Lots of hair and crystals, and smells lemony. High Sativa, 2gram bags are $20 bags, it's so chill. I've been smoking since around 12:30, and I'm on my 4th bowl pack in Agent Orange. My bong that was given to me by my best friend who's at ASU now. Take a looky. ( And yes, that's snoopy. Got woodstock on the other side).

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  2. Im on a 2 month break because of my acident I must say its kinda nice.

    I got me a carton of cigs, about an oz of midz and like 1.4 of some dank sour d been toking and excerciseing everyday.

    Snoopy is the man:cool::smoking:
  3. asu as in App State?

  4. Arizona State University.

    He's loving the bud. He's getting a new bong within the week too. I'm mad happy for him.

  5. yo so how does the bong hit man? the one he gave ya
  6. It's a beast, I'm still hitting it.

    I kinda zoned out for the last hour, haha. oops.
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    i always have to work weekends.
  8. I usually work 5-6 days a week, and on the days I do work, I love to smoke before, during, and after work. The days I have off are usually laze around days and perhaps go hang out with a friend, maybe smoke an l or two but nothing big. I like to keep the variety there and my tolerance low. And I like the bong, its very chill looking.
  9. that bong is awesome i'm jealous
  10. Days off make the work worth it, haha. That, and pay day, of course.
    I like to smoke a bowl or two throughout the day if my fiancee's at work and I'm not..otherwise the entire day off is one long smoke session.

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