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Your crazy party stories

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by highandmighty, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Share the craziest moments of your partying career so far.
    Post about the sex, the drugs, the fights, the run ins with the law, and the funny drunk antics that make a decent party.

    I'll update in a bit with a good story I've got to think about this one for a bit but I won't disappoint.

    In the mean time, let's hear yours GC
  2. Got stoned one night with about 6 of my friends, ended up throwing massive rotting pumpkins at a party full of angry drunks because they were talking shit about us. :devious:
  3. well my parents are going to the casino this friday and staying over night... looks like i will have a story soon!

    but until it is just the usual .. gettin drunk and high fuckin bitches and watching some bitches hook up and dance (while playing bp lol.. goodtime)
  4. This is what I like to refer to as "The Spaghetti Incident". About ten years ago now, I was at a friends party, lots of people and even more weed and alcohol. The short version is, I wound up mixing and drinking to much in to short of a period of time, and made myself very sick. I decided to sit at the picnic bench outside of my friends home and put my head down, when I felt the vomit rising in my belly. Now in my drunk state of mind, I had this genius plan to throw up, and no one would ever know.

    So while people are walking in and out, and watching me, I thought I was being smooth by thinking I was throwing up between my legs and letting it hit the ground below me. The perfect crime! Not really, I was actually just throwing up massive quantities of spaghetti and meat sauce all over my lap. Eventually my friends found me, drug my vomit covered self into a bed room, pulled off my clothes and there I laid until the next morning. Worst part is, one of my friends was going to be nice and wash my clothes for me for the next day, and forgot to remove my wallet from my jeans. Yeah, everything in it got pretty much fucked up. Thought that counts though.
  5. my parents do that every once in awhile... its so badass
  6. one time a friend got some "heroin" from some chick and let me sniff some for free. n i used to do alot of pills soi realized pretty quickly that it wasn't an opiate... from my experience with drugs i would have to go with either speed or meth. it was definately an amphetamine tho. so we roll over to the party after sniffin that and immediately go upstairs and cut the rest into 6 fat lines ( 2 per head). sniffed that shit, got fuckin wired and decided we should get coke but all we could get was hard. so they went n i didn't feel like leaving n stayed n got pretty fuckin drunk and hi. then they came back with the hard and... well i was sooo fucked up when we were done with that LOL. i was talkin like steve-o n couldn't stand up straight n shit. the amphetamine shit ended up keepin me up all night but i was pretty high. benzos didn't even get me to sleep

    another night i took 3 1mg lorazopams and went to this party and was drinkin and smokin. bad move lol. i dont remember how much but after that i decided to sniff molly n sniffed half the bag. there was probably .4 left from the G and i sniffed half and ended up droppin the rest on the floor. after i did that i blacked out right as the molly hit me and i remember like 10 seconds from the whole rest of the night. i woke up with a mustach and unibraw and other shit on me drawn with a marker. aparently i was throwin up black shit and people were watchin the shit out of me. like checking that i was still breathing. they were about to call the paramedics. kinda scarey man...
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    This is one of the best/worst stories of my life...
    Once upon a time at school I saw a girl buying a shit ton of orange juice and cranberry juice so I made some jackass comment regarding alcoholism or something and she came over and started to talk to me. She was ok I would give her a 7.25 out of 10, but she invited me and my friends over to drink with her friends in the all girl dormoritory at my campus. Couple hours later I find myself drinking there and the girl is making me some strong ass drinks I would say 5-6 shots for kings.
    After a couple rounds we go out to a party(I am getting pretty sauced at this point) I remember very little from the party aside from her bringing me a lot of beer and doing a two beer beer bong off of some stairwell... then it happened I TELEPORTED(or blacked out) back to her dorm room and was laying on her bed. This is where I throw in the towel, some see it as a bitch move but I can not morally hook up with someone when they are drunk. She asks me if I have any rubbers and I say no so she opts to go to seven eleven. I leave stumbling down 9 floors of steps and out into the night.
    I was free, or so I thought. I see my friend mike out on a bench sloshed with a pizza and he asks me why I have red on my shrit... OH MY GOD WHY IS THERE RED ON MY SHIRT:eek:. I took off my shirt and ripped it in half as I was walking back through the lobby and to my room. Yes it is what you thought it was... I don't know how it happened but I got superbadded.
  8. Suppperrrr.....:rolleyes:
  9. What happens in the garage, stays in the garage. ;)

    I've done everything from flashing my boobies to distracts beer pong opponents, to walking over passed out bodies only to find the other two people conscious in the house going at it full blast. Things get crazy here in PA, but then again what else can you do?
  10. Thats why i just drink n smoke bro, that other shit is wack. Sounds like u had a fucked up night.

    I remember once i was at a party wit a bunch of people and beer and MARIJUANA. and i got pretty smashed and f'ed my dealers girlfriend. He never found out, and i still buy from him today. :D so at one party in Cali last summer, I met this famous dude thats on some really good movies, and i forgot his name :mad: but still had fun :smoke::smoke::smoke:

    In high school parties were alright, but definetly not at as good as University of Flo Rida. I saw some really crazy shit, like once, this wacked out dude was following me and my gf all night at this party. I finnaly asked him whats up, and he screams at us "GOD HATES U! STOP!! GOD HATES YOU!" so were like DAMN. So this faggit ran out on the street and cops came. They arrest this dude, and he had all these drugs on him, and hes fucked up. so an ambulence comes and as they take him in the ambulence truck, he curls up and screams, so obviousley hes like, demented. So he starts staring at us, and fingers us, and screams "GOD HATES YOU."

    it mite be cuz im black, and this dudes white, so hes got something against us obviousley. Racist bitch. So i havent seen this guy in over 2 years now.. I dont know wtf happened to him.
  11. This is a good one in my opinion.

    So there's this guy I've known since we were fucking 5 years old. We grew up together for the most part and our parents are still good friends. But he became a real douchebaggy prep while he calls me a junkie ass hippie because I don't wear the same brand of clothes he wears.

    So he has a big party at his house where there's all these preps and a bunch of people from high school and middle school who still remember me and my friends but I have no idea who the fuck any of these people are cause I show up and I'm already hammered. So I stroll on up lookin like I do all "scraggly" apparently with my dog and a few people start yelling, "Fucking hippie leave!" and shit like that.

    Now let me tell you how up his own ass my former friend was. He fucking tries to charge 5 dollars to get into his house, he has wristbands and a door guy. WRISTBANDS PEOPLE. And tries to make me pay and I said fuck off. So I went around starting shit like hitting on jock assholes girlfriends and shit. I'd grab a beer out of someone hand, take a sip, then hand it back. So I asked this girl for a shwill and she just straight hands me 5 bucks. I try and give it back but she's wasted and just keeps strolling right along.

    I should have just left right there but I didn't, I went inside to start and fuck with people, the dude went batshit pissed because I had my dog inside. So I took him out asked for someone to hold him real quick while I went to get a beer. I go inside and askw here the cups are for the keg and they say it's 2 dollars for a cup. I said fuck you, rinsed out a powerade bottle I foundon the top of the trash and they flipped. I said, "Fuck you, I'm not paying 2 dollars on top of 5 to drink Bud Light, I'm using this bottle and I'm getting more beer than everyone.

    So later on I pass out for a quick minute and they try and fuck with me while I'm asleep. Well, I wasn't having that while I was drunk so I stood up, dropped my trousers and pissed on the dude's couch in front of about 30 people. Not pissed on myself on his couch, no I got up, turned around and pissed on this dude's couch. I have a whole fleet of preps wanting to kick my ass but there was a car accident or something outside so I just booked it in the confusion.

    And by the way, the reason I was starting shit is because these were the same peopl;e who gave me shit regularly in high school and middle school and looked down upon me and my friends.
  12. Everyone passed out, coupled up, on floor and furniture in living room. All the guys start doin the little feel ups to the girls at the same time. Drunken orgy erupts, but with each couple in their own little world. Bizarre.
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    Well I am sick of telling this story so ill sum it up. A kid from school I know through a HUGE party at his house. Ended up about 150+ ended up comming. A kid at the party had just broke up with his girlfriend that day and she wasn't at the party so she calls the cops and says there is underage drinking and stuff going on at this party, because she was mad at her Ex and wanted to see him get busted So the next thing we know 6 sheriffs roll up + the god damn border patroll. They some how got a search warent and KICKED THE FUCKING DOOR DOWN :eek: I was tipsy and paniced, everyone trys to run, I was one of the lucky ones to get away and I booked it as fast as I could it was crazy as hell. This party was in the country so I jumped fences and all kinds of stuff. Ended up 40 people got M.I.P's and they also found GUNS AND COCAINE :eek:. It was one hell of a night though.... I'll try to find the link to the local paper that did a story on this.

    Heres the link I just found, Enjoy :D

    Bellingham, Whatcom County Local News | Bellingham Herald
  14. Halloween is the best party night at my school. At this party at my friends house, ~300 people and 9 kegs between 3 neighbors, these two dudes started fighting and then their girlfriends started getting catty. Next thing I know Im watching two scantily clad, super hot college girls in a straight up fist fight. The one girl punched like a dude and was pummelling the shit out of the other girls face. It was the single most amazing thing Ive ever seen.
  15. Hahaha, +Rep
  16. i was with a couple friends looking for a party. We ended up going to BU's frat row and stumbled to a huge party. They said they were capped but a girl i knew noticed me and rushed me inside with all her girlfriends. Well i couldn't leave my friends outisde. I walked around the house and noticed that the bathroom window was where everyone was waiting outside. Well i jump in the front of the line saying, "ill only be a second i promise" to this slutty girl. She was just like yeah w/e. Well i go in and open thfe window motioning my friends to come through. I help my like 3 friends get in, one of whom is a pretty big guy lol took him awhile to get thru. Well after they're all in this group of girls beg me to let them in. Lol so i end up letting like 6 girls in. This tiny bathroom is now packed with people and the slut outsides banging on the door to get in. So i open it and everyone floods out, lol the ppl outside had the funniest look on their faces as this group of kids came out. For the rest of the night the girls i helped in got me drinks :D
  17. you mixed alcohol and lorazopam with 2 doses of molly. you're braver than me man. haha.
  18. So last Monday, I think, I went to a party all day, it was so fun. I brought money and we bought booze. Super Peppermint Schnapps and some 40's. I was going shot for shot with my sister's boyfriend. I'm lightweight because I don't drink that much (though it's fun) so I was gone that night. Em showed up with money and we bought weed and smoked out of Crow's (My sister's bf) mini bong.

    So when I get high or drunk, I talk a lot. But no one minds because I'm interesting or say funny things I guess. At one point I said, "I'm sorry guys. If I was high I would be saying the weirdest shit right now, but I'm drunk so I just talk." And that's what I did. Talk.

    Quick recap of what happened after I got drunk and high.
    -Almost fell out a window
    -Called out Crow a few times and fought with him(btw he's like 6 years older than me and scary lol)
    -Kind of passed out?
    -Threw up stomach acid on myself(Mostly got it in the trashcan Woohoo!)

    ----Walked home in Yuri's shirt, Shawn's shorts, and Crow's sweatshirt----

    I love life. End of story. :smoke:
  19. I got 2 stories, 1 is short.

    Whitefish, Montana. Ten guys from my school go for a senior trip skying, drinking, blazing at Big Mountain in house we rented for four days. We drank and blazed everynight and drank on the train ride there but one night we went for a drunken adventure.

    So we see some neighbors in there hot tub on top of a really high deck so we climb the stares. Three of us get up there and see there older so we say "hi" and leave as we walk down the stares the dude with the camera slips on ice and falls hard trying to save his camera. Its a very nice Sony used to make snowboard/skateboard videos. The other guy and I laugh our asses off and I say something like "you fucked up." I take a step and fall just like the guy we laughed at and proceeded to laugh twice as hard.

    To finish the trip we go into an apartment complex, climb to the top and smoke a bowl in the hallway. We see a cell phone light out the window and it our other buddy Larry (nickname) waving the phone and yelling. He has a ID and successfully bought beer for his first time. We end up looking for him, didn't find him, all go back to the house and he arrives half an hour later. "hanging in a chow line, Good Times."

    That was a long one.

    First time getting smashed was at a beach along the Missouri. Anyway, we're drinkin beers and taking shots of some hard stuff, maybe bacardi limon but I don't remember. One dude brought out his 22 caliber pistol and right whenevery one starts to leave he shoots it a couple times. Scary the shit out of everyone, we all ran. Predictably, I proceed to fall hard after trying to run in the sand while heavily intoxicated. Still were Good Times though.

    Keep em comin.
  20. Back in high school I was at this house party at a really nice house. It had its own private dock on a back river. Well at about 1 in the morning the cops show up and everyone is fuuuuccckkked. This kid, I think his name was Jennings, bolts out the back as soon as he sees the red and blues pull up. He runs onto the back dock and DIVES into the river. He starts swimming down towards the community marina(about half a mile down the river). The best part was the cops only wanted everyone to clear out of the house. They didn't arrest anyone or anything. So the kid swam half a mile in a river at 1 a.m. really fucked up for nothing :hello:.

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