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    Post what songs you chill w or smoke to!
    I know there is a music subforum, but I do not want to get too in depth with these songs.. simply post what you like listening to while browsing the chill out zone and ripping fat bowls!

    Flow reminds me of Common Market
  4. Bookmarked this page, keep the good vibes coming!
    My favorite stoner song of ALL time: 

    (There is also a slow version out there, just search: "Patrice - Soulstorm Slow Version" lol)
  5. Peace brother thanks for the contribution - great vibe
  6. [youtube][/youtube]
  7. You guys should listen to The End by Kid Cudi. That song always manages to relax me Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. [youtube][/youtube]
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    I love rolling to this.

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