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  1. This was my first car, 66 mustang, inline 6 cylinder.

    I got it from my uncle.

    Then I got a 1965 Ford F250, 352 Bigblock. (V8) IT was really fast, it whould burn the tires in 3rd gear for a long long time, I have a pic of it if you wanna see it, it that truck I hauled ass through the hog backs at 70 mph in.

    Nor I have an 88 Beretta GT. ITs ok but not very fast, like 16.9 in the 1/4 mile... V6's suck... And it gov's out at 120 mph.
  2. i started driving my dad's brown 1986 toyota pickup, aka the white trash mobile

    my first car i had was a 1989 crx si. REAL rice rocket, body kit, rims, sound system, neon lights. i loved that car, it was a slow piece but i drove it like a ferrari.

    right now i have a 2000 subaru impreza. its cool, i want to start autocrossing.

    yeah i'm baked too
  3. I drive jack shit ;/

    next year I should be gettin somthin tho..
  4. 71 chevelle SS 454 ......o yeah

    i typed for about 45 mins replying to this topic, and when i pressed reply AOL fucked up and lost it all, i wanna choke those fucks at AOL one by one till there's none left to bastardize the internet!!!

    Sorry, but that pissed me off!!!
  6. u guys should post some of ur cars :) me, i dont have a car, i need to get a job........too lazy :)
  7. Because this thread is not Marijuanna related I'm moving to Seasoned tokers!
  8. i drive a '95 piece of shit white oldsmobile cutlass supreme sl, which isnt even legal to drive at the moment (no more rear view mirrors, long story)
    it drives like a go-kart
  9. i have a big ass dodge van...its tight..i have shaggy carpet in it, a refrigerator and a couch in the back...
    im building a bong rack.
  10. My first car, which I still have, was a 1969 Chevy Camaro. It's got a 327 V8 and gets about 9 miles a gallon (which adds up quickly in Cali.) Some of my best memories from home of are driving around smoking a joint with my buddies in the car. I've even perfected a technique for taking bong rips while driving, though this is much harder without a passenger. Now that I go to college in Connecticut I never get to drive. I didn't realize how much I would miss not just my car, but the actual act of driving. There are so many times that I'll smoke with my friends and just wish I could go for a drive.
  11. Right now I have a 90 Corvette and a 87 Monte Carlo SS for a daily driver. I also have a couple of project cars, 2 1968 Charger R/Ts.

    I'm a mopar freak as I have had one since high school, Chargers, Road Runners, 'Cuda. 20 years ago you could pick these up cheap and drive the heck out of them, now they are colector cars. I have also had some Chevys, most notable are a 67 SS350 Camaro, a 69 Chevelle, and a hopped up 71 Camaro that needed premium to run.

    Here is a pic of one of the Chargers. I have had this car since 84, finally getting aroung to getting it back on the road. I'll put at least a 440 in it, has a 4 speed and a Dana 60. It should push me back in the seat hard when I get traction. Just another toy.

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