Your Car's Mileage?

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  1. Well we can do this both ways, so just follow me:

    2000 Honda Civic EX

    188,572 miles

    25 City / 32 Highway

    :smoke: Anybody else want to share the stats? :smoke:
  2. you're not gonna find too many people here who are willing to give out their automobile's information. that's not a diss, just saying that I include myself as one of those members. cops SUCK.

    btw, i realize there's almost no chance of OP actually being a cop.
  3. there is no way a cop can find out anything about you with your cars mileage. you posting will give him more info.

    1977 280z, 188k miles, and about 10mpg :eek:

    just picked up a 06 sentra, havent gone through a full tank yet. at half a tank with about 150 miles on the trip odometer
  4. 2009 Acura TSX
    15,xxx miles
    24 city 34 highway​
  5. my car is 68 almost 69 years old and has been a daily driver its entire life so... ill leave that up to you to imagine the imense amount of mileage this car has.
  6. I have a 95 Park Avenue, about 103K miles, and usually get between 25 and 28 mpg.
  7. 99 alfa romeo 1.4 tspark

    109,455 miles

    eats the juice so i dont no the mpg

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    1993 Cavalier Z24
    130k-ish on the engine
    194k on the body/transmission
    27mpg highway (not bad for a mid 14 second car)
  9. 99 pontiac sunfire
    81,000 miles

    i'm gonna say it gets somewhere around 25 mpg. could be totally off though haha :smoke:
  10. A cute little Skoda Felicia, a VW Golf knock-off only cheaper but with many of the same parts. 1997 model, so not all that new. Got 58.000km (36.000miles) on the clock, which is nothing for a 12 year old car.

    The best part, is that it only sniffs at the gasoline. A full tank cost me about 450 NOK (80 USD), at 12 NOK per liter (2 USD/Liter, 7.5 USD/Gallon). That full tank (35 Liters/9.5 gallons plus change) will get me about 50 metric miles, about 1.5 metric miles per liter. Or just about 33MPG. Mixed driving (use it most for back and to work, which is half stuck in city traffic, half highway).

    And yes, gasoline is expensive around here. But at least my car was dirt cheap, and so is my insurance. Skodas are known for their reliability, and us drivers for our caution. We're near the end of the list when it comes to insurance claims per year. It's the sensible choice. But not very sporty or exciting :p
  11. 02 Grand Am at about 80,000 miles. I get around 20 mpg
  12. 2006 BMW M5 22k
  13. 2002 Honda Civic EX Coupe just rolled over 70,000
  14. yay for hondas! my ex's honda had over 400,000 and was still in suchhh good shape : ) love them!

    edit: kilometers anyways, that's how we do it in canada. KILOMETERS, not miles, pfft.
  15. 1986 Toyota Corolla
    not sure of mpg but anywhere from 260-300 per tank depending on how i drive.
  16. my car gets a hundred billion gallons per mile. beat that.
  17. 1998 jeep grand cherokee laredo LIMITED (haha)
    132,xxx miles
    18 mpg

    the mileage wouldn't be so high if i didn't insist on driving cross-country so often. haha
  18. 1991 Honda civic rt4wd wagon
    301,xxx miles-stock motor and trans
    32mpg mixing freeway and city daily.

    I love my honda's. I currently own 3.
  19. 06 golf, about 60,000 miles. 28 mpg mixed. i love it.

    01 wrangler, about 80,000 miles. 15-18 mpg. i also love it :D
  20. 2008 IS-F
    122,xxx miles

    They saaay 16mpg city/23 highway, I figure closer to 13/18...

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