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Discussion in 'General' started by ox38776, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. i have the shitiest car. 87 ford escort with no ac. it constantly stalls as well, and about a week ago the grill fell off. but least it drives.
  2. if u wanna see mine check the think about cars thread, 3rd page lol
  3. 92' Chrystler LeBaron... such comfy plush seats, i swear they go on forever... but I just had to replace the front brakes... $120, seems like a lot for some brakes.
  4. 95 accord 4 door manual

    it is very good it drives everywhere i have gone, snow, street, dirt, mud, sand, grass, gravel

    i love getting stoned in it

    dr_krapp- if i remember correctly from the other thread you have a van and that is cool man, my friend mike had a van and we could put 4 surfboards in it and still have 6 people fit in it too. but it needed a better stereo. now he has a truck and that is chill i wonder if i can ever hotbox it

    cowofsteel- that car sounds cool! my car's seats could be more comfortable. I would also love to hotbox in a nice american luxury car. oh also cool avatar man

    ox38776- ford escorts will always have a definite cool factor in my mind, i love the ford escort cosworth, i think rally racing is the ultimate shit when it comes to cars, even if yours is not fast or good or anything i would still appreciate hotboxing it. Also! shitty cars can make for some cool adventures!
  5. 2nd gen mazda RX-7 non turbo Rear wheel drive 2seater 5-speed, 13B rotary engine, car is alot of fun to drive and has all kinda kew spots to hide bud
    i love my rotary!
  6. 2nd gen?

    is that early or late 80's like an FC?

    what color is your car?
  7. a 97 dodge neon highline
    i put a system in it...i like it....
    haha i sold cowofsteel his lebaron. It did have the most comfortable seats in the world and it is a total stoner car lol. I miss it sometimes....
  8. yea FC3S 90GTU red
  9. ^^^
    sweet :thumbsup: dammit. forgot again that that's not on this board.

    I drive a 93 4 door automatic civic with a 1.5l non v-tec enging and just over 100 whole horse power. I hate the damn thing. Econoboxes aren't sports cars.
  10. 2002 Acura RSX -- Vtec

    i like it ^^ :D
  11. i call it the ghetto mobile, its a '91 Mercury Sable, has no AC in the summer, no Heat in the Winter, has no head unit (planning to get one for christmas tho), was leaking antifreeze, oil, had to replace the alternator and the radiator. It's still leaking oil, it costed $800, and i spent well over $800 on all of it's repairs, its still leaking oil, i dont care oil's thick so it dont leak that much. well at least the car drives :)
  12. '01 mitsubishi mirage 1.5 L. slow. runs. 5 speed. and it has a cd player. that all i need.
  13. I had a 95 mirage coupe at one time. I loved that car even though it was slow. I wanted to swap a 4g63 into it.
  14. landrover discovery 4wd...
  15. White 97 Saturn 2 door SC1 1.9L SOHC, 5 speed, 100hp. Not very fast, but fun to drive on curvy windy roads, handles well for what it is. I put a system in it a few years ago, I love it. 32 mpg average, and low insurance (cause its a saturn) is nice on a college budget too.
  16. '94 Nissan Altima GLE. Got the heads up display on the windshield, God I love that car. :D
  17. 94 F-150 4X4 Extended Cab. 5.0L 302 c.u.
    That puppy has 410 gears so I can peal out like a mofo and have awesome exceleration but I average 10.5mpg city. Oh well cant take a car offroad....
  18. 88 Chevrolet s10, seat warmers and upper back lower back thigh massage ;) hahah, excellent!

    nice bright sky blue, two seats, hotboxes after about 2 joints, AWESOME!!

    putting in a nice system for christmas too :D
  19. '97 Accord V6 2.7L :( 4 door Black, leather interior, sun roof, Honda's rims.

    It doesn't get good gas milage (19-24 mpg) and I have a heavy foot, it comes from my Mom's side of the family. It looks good though.. but I have a dent in my hood from a deer. It's about.. a foot 1/2 radius, but not circular.. kinda.. you know, dented squared off circle. But I did put an intake on it to make that V6 growl like a beast ;) I plan hopefully to put duals on it, pure for the looks, I know my car is slow, so I won't even bother on that.

    Hotbox record: well. we had a half oz, rolled 6 blunts out of all of it, and smoked 5 of them in my car.. I honestly could not see the person in that back seat. But my eyes were watering like a motherfucker, hover dam watering yo..

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