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Your bucket list

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PURPLE PALOOSA, May 12, 2010.

  1. I'll add learn an instrument to mine
  2. haha I made this post but didn't even submit mine

    no order*
    1. Participate on a game show
    2. Grow a succesfull weed garden
    3. Sleep with over 100 women... Not to be pigish just you know what I meen
    4. Invent something that'll make everyone know my name
    5. Maybe write a book
  3. In no particular order, except for number one:
    1. Eventually stop doing the same old nine-to-five and make my living doing music. This has been my aspiration since I was seven or eight.
    2. Visit every continent at least once (and probably subsequently smoke at all of them).
    3. Skydive on some sort of hallucinogen. Top candidate would be LSD and/or ecstasy.
    4. Break a world record.
    5. Join the Mile High Club.
  4. see a ocean

    possibly write a book

    own a car collection with my brother

    own more than one property (i've always wanted to get into real estate)

    see legalization take place
  5. 1. Walk the beaches of Normandy
    2. Fly a WWII p.51 mustang fighter plane
    3. Try DMT
    4. Be a father/grandfather
    5. Climb Mt. Everest (possibly be the first person so smoke a j at the top):smoking:
  6. 1. Play Uncle Jesse on a full house reunion show
    2. Go to the pet store and free all the animals like Pee Wee did
    3. Go to a Red Socks game with Clay Aiken and catch a foul ball
    4. Drive the fastest remote control car on I-85
    5. Repeat

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