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  1. what are 5 things that you want to do before you die or 5 things uve done that have made yourlife a goodone so far?
  2. sounds like something you would have to write a paper on in 8th grade
  3. still whatever go for it
  4. Visit every continent
    Helm my own cartoon
    Ride that zero g plane

    I don't know about the other two never thought about it before.
  5. 1. Skydive
    2. Bungee jump
    3. Participate in an ibogaine ceremony
    4. Have children
    5. Climb Mount Everest
  6. 1. Skydive.
    2. Legalize weed. (be alive when it happens)
    3. Fly a helicopter. (looking into that)
    4. Smoke a blunt and drive around the mall as an old man in my hoverround. (Key)
    5. Ither die a hero or live long enough to see myself turn into a villian.

  7. lol nice batman quote
  8. 1. See the northern lights.
    2. See the Great Pyramids.
    3. Attend a Hookahville.
    4. Visit the Great Wall of China.
    5. Backpack the Alps
  9. 1. Ride a giant chinchilla
    2. Ride a miniature elaphant
    3. Ride a giant penguin
    4. Ride inside of a giant kangaroo's pouch
    5. Become a janitor for Nasa, just so I could say "I work for Nasa"
  10. 1. Graduate from college
    2. Own my own home
    3. Visit Amsterdam
    4. Live in the woods for a month, preferably with lots of drugs
    5. Never get arrested again
  11. Vistit Europe
    Get my band big enough to be able to tour
    Own my dream house out in the woods
    Be alive when marijuana is legal, or alive when in Arizona I can get a MMJ card.
    I also want to work with a company to invent a video game - seeing as I know what I want and some other people want in their games I think it'd be good.
  12. 1. Have sex with an Asian girl
    2. Learn to surf in Bali
    3. Write a novel
    4. Own a nice, fast car
    5. Go on an epic road trip across Canada
  13. 1. Do something amazing for the person I love that is original. (Want to)
    2. Help legalize marijuana, and succeed. (Want to)
    3. Visit every single continent. (Want to)
    4. Climb Mt. Everest, or K2. (Want to)
    5. Help one person change to a better person. (Want to)
  14. Ummm
    1 - Go into space (or) sky dive
    2 - Smoke a qp of weed in one sitting while rolling on E
    3 - Go on an L ride in a nice ass sports car and go 125+
    4 - Fuck this hot ass girl sofia in my class
    5 - Have a fist fight to the death and win

    Enjoy the little things! :hello:
  15. 5) Smoke with Les Claypool.
    4) Start a full scale riot.
    3) Have a 8 way (me n 7 chicks)
    2) Smoke weed every day.
    1) When I'm 85 I'm gonna take like 500 doses of acid and jump out of an airplane.

    Edit: Ive always also wanted to go on a real vision quest with an Indian shaman.
  16. 1. -
    2. -
    3. -
    4. -
    5. Survive something that is unlikely survivable.

    The first 4 are still uncertain.
  17. Kinda like this but mine is have a big pile of coke (think scarface) and blow aton of it... while I have a Burt Reynolds-esque moustache so theres coke all over the brim of it
  18. 1.Go to Vegas on a Fear&Loathing like bender.
    2.Bungee jump.
    3.Go Heli snowboarding in Alaska.
    4.Get Married.
    5.Own my own farm.

    In no particular order just some shit I would like to accomplish in my lifetime. :)
  19. I have a decent sized list going right now but its all stuff that I thought of in either high school or college. going to make a new one soon but ill post the one I got so far, also I know some are probably lame

    no particular order
    - Get dreadlocks
    - Crowdsurf (accomplished)
    - Learn to Surf/ Surf in Tofino
    -Sing into a microphone at a concert (accomplished)
    - Hitchike on a multiday trip
    - Go to the top of the CN tower
    - Move to BC / Live in BC
    - Drive across Canada
    - A bunch of places around the world i want to visit - Alaska, California, Scotland, Ireland, England, Amsterdam, New Zealand are only some
    - See a leafs game live
    - See the leafs win the cup in my lifetime
    - Stagedive (accomplished)
    - See RATM live
    - Participate in a march/ rally/ protest

    yeah a lot of the stuff on there besides the travelling was supposed to be realistic stuff I could get done in College, guess I didnt do too much of it lol

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