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  1. Well I just recently decided to join the Vapor world. I decided to purchase the bong attachment and have an older bong that I will get started with. Seeking advice from those who are using Da Budda with bong attachment, what is your preferred bong? Of coarse I would like something nice but function is way more important then looks.

    Thanks in advance for your input
  2. When I vaporbong (use a vaporbros not Buddha but same deal) I use my ssfg mini travel beAker...I like vaporbongin through a smaller bong with hot water rather than a bigger bong
  3. why does it matter
    why is the vaporbros better for vapor bonging
  4. It really should work with any bong even without the attachment. I used a tiny 1 1/2 foot bong and it worked perfect. Just take out the slide and push the whip in until its airtight and it should rip like a charm no need for attachments. If your looking for good glass brand elhe and roor are both good quality although they can get pricey. Go to a local headshop and you can probably find a 5-6 foot acrylic bong for around 50$ that will rip even nicer than the RooR IMO. I wish my buddha still worked....

  5. Oh I'm not saying it's beter or worse it's just the model I have

  6. Oh im just really high off of my Da Buddah, but lately i find it better without the bong because the hose on mine is not long. i like to lay in my bed and vape.
  7. Look on etsy for soulshinefamilyglass

    Check out their travel tubes.. I plan on buying one soon for my vapeing purposes.. I know alot of people use them.. I'd upgrade to the showerhead downstem also..
  8. Thanks all additional inputs are definitely appreciated. I understand it will work with any bong. I really was just looking for people who have a preferred BONG they are using and their personal experiences....Thanks and +rep for those who share!!
  9. Honestly you do not need anything real special the only real advantage of bonging a vape is to run the vapor through water to get rid of any bud that slips through the screen, anything with a 18mm joint will work.

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