Your Body on Drugs

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  1. This shit is on Discovery right now, anybody else watchin' it? It's pretty bad, it's hosted by Robin Williams. It's just like complete bullshit, it's so fake but meh it's something to watch I guess, anyone else see this crap?
  2. Something on TV that is bullshit... I don't believe it... but I will tune in.
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    What is BS about some tweeker that likes to proj on stuff, a coke head freaks out, the poor heroin girl needs a hug and the stoner is just trolling for free swag!!! It is pretty close to the truth if you have done drugs for any period of time beyond just recreational usage. The weed guy is the winner ditch the chems and go organic.
  4. I had this on DVR and just watched it. Could they have chosen a bigger idiot to play the stoner? He acted like he was auditioning for Half Baked. Damn dude smoke a sativa before you put a bookshelf together or go looking for some hidden lock box in a fire.

    I like how the only thing they could tell him long-term was the same thing any smoker would be told. Of course they didn't take into account edibles or vaping but just gotta get off the dope.

    Alcohol was absent from the experiment, too. I bet it would have been on par with like heroin.
  5. Haven't seen the Discovery one but there was a sick show by the same name on BBC3 last year, it was really well done as it followed people who took the drug. Did one for weed which was absolutely spot on and not preachy at all, the ecstasy/MDMA one was the best too as it perfectly showed what it's like.
  6. I saw this. Had to be a total crock. And even if it wasn't, It was boring as shit.

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