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Your body and weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GoldN, May 8, 2011.

  1. So i smoked a couple bowls yesterday and decided to carry out an experiment. I did stuff i would normally do first and then i would smoke and see if anything is effected. I started off doing simple things like eating, drinking, running, going to the bathroom, and just breathing. I noticed when i was high how things are just so much easier. I could drink a lot faster and it felt like stuff was just flying down my throat with no effort at all. I also walked to my local gas station and normally when i walk i think i have some sort of limp because i tore my meniscus in my knee about 2 years ago and when i'm high i just seem to not notice it or i just come together as a well oiled machine. Anyways i decided to piss before and after smoking and i noticed a huge difference. The medication i am currently on makes it harder to pee for me and when i was high it took no effort or wait. Finally because i have asthma i just sat there and took deep breaths. I've heard before that smoking weed opens up your lungs and even though my lungs burned after i smoked the first bowl i noticed that i could inhale so much more on the second bowl. I was just wondering if anyone else has experiences like this so i could compare.
  2. And that is why we have medical marijuana :)
  3. but can you say that it's medicinally helping you? i'm looking for personal experiences
  4. Just, lol. XD

    From what I gather in Oregon, you can get it for pretty much any chronic pain.
  5. I still have no idea how it can really effect how i pee though? everyone says no matter what your smoking it still has a not so good effect on your lungs and today i feel great. I don't smoke everyday just on the days where it's hard enough to exist or when i am in a party mood. My lungs feel so open today and i just don't know why.

  6. You may wish to read here-this will help you understand all the effects you are experiencing

    The ease of peeing is because it acts as smooth muscle relaxant.

  7. That list is exactly what i needed. Thank you! I don't know if you could answer this or not but i am on rispserdone 1 1/2 mg. a night and i was wondering if smoking could help me start to cut back on it and start taking less?
  8. I tried blazing up before I went jogging this morning. I hit my bong, grabbed my iPod and headed out the door. I found that I was more motivated and it honestly helped me.

    I wasn't expecting that at all.
  9. Many medical cannabis users have found that they may be able to either decrease their dosage of this class of meds, or substitute less potent drugs (such as tricyclic anti- depressants). This should only be done under close medical supervision.

    If you are in a medical state please seek out the assistance of a cannabis friendly therapist or physician.

  10. All i know is that it opens up your airways a lot like adavair. it sounds like you got some good sativa there. i would have to try going on a jog after blazing that sounds like a great idea.
  11. Unfortunately i'm in PA. Hardly anything medical about this state. I try to avoid most medications but i went through a rough patch awhile back dealing with an eating disorder and slight depression and it seemed to help for a little but i would rather stick with natural cures. I'm guessing you don't suggest trying to replace my medication with marijuana slowly do you?
  12. If that is a path you wish to purse it would be safest to speak with your doctor about possibly tapering your drugs under supervision if you feel your mood is more stable, and to see if that stability persisits. You have a right to be an active participant in your treatment and you can certainly can exercise that right. But do involve your doctor in the process.

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