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Your blunt and you. All about the wonderful blunt!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HighlyHigh, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I haven't seen this thread yet, so I'll post it.

    This thread is about blunts as you can see. What kind of blunt do you roll with? How much cannabis do you load into them? Bout how many people chip in on average? How long do they last, (on average)? How do you roll 'em? Tuck or fold? Anything you can think about when it comes to blunts, post it. Stories are good too.

    I love Dutchmasters and Games. We usually try to load about a gram, sometimes a 1.5er. We usually split it between 3-5 people. Since we don't smoke ALL the time, we don't have the highest tolerance that most daily tokers have. I do the tuck and roll technique when I roll, which isn't often since one of my buddies rolls the best blunts I've ever smoked. He does the fold and roll technique, (hard to explain). Usually when we get to the roach we unroll the bud and pack it into my friends bong and smoke the rest.

    Peace and pot. :wave:
  2. Well when I roll I love Peach swishers, or those fresh sealed white owl blunts. Usually I get between 1.5 and 2 g's in one. We usually split it between 3 or 4 depending on the day. The other night I rolled 2 that were each 2 grams each, and they were just right. :)
    I just kind of roll them the only way I've ever done it, which I think is tuck and roll. I'll post pics of some in a few hours.
  3. I've never tried those blunts before. The peach one sounds pretty nice. Pics would be cool:wave:
  4. I buy a pack of swishers every couple of days right after I buy the pack I go home and roll all 5 usually about 1.5 grams each and I put them back into the pack after rolled. I usually smoke 1 or 2 of them a day one in the morning/afternoon and one at night around 8-9pm. I dont smoke outside my house anymore so I tend to smoke alone.
  5. Grape Swishers, or Cherry. I have to admit though, im fond of grape.

    As fat as I can get them within reason. More people, the more we pack.

    I like to take all my roaches, throw them in a bottle top, then once theres enough make a granddaddy bowl for my bubbler or a bong.
  6. Games and a 4 person roto, dutches seem to always end up with a crack in them somewhere, not too fun doin surgery everytime i wanna roll a blunt.
  7. Go get some. They are delicious.
  8. i enjoy rolling blunts with Blunt Wrap brand Platinum blunt wraps. they are like $2 for a 2-pack of a moist-yet-not-soggy deliciously scented and flavored easy-to-manage blunt wrap

    Platinium Blunt Wrap
    hand rolling blunts is my favorite thing to do. i can do it in any condition or place, be it while i am driving, or sitting on a rooftop in hollywood at 2am in february (both happened this year).

    unfortunately though i have yet to master rolling in one motion without any spilling out the sides. i still have to do a roll-then-pack-the-tip every time, even with joints and tobacco cigarettes.
  9. Every time I pick up, I roll a White Owl with about 1.5-3 depending on how much I picked up. I like to enjoy one of these either by myself or with whomever was with me when I picked up.
  10. I love soft and leaf 'gars.

    So my faves are chocolate, sour apple and blackberry (or whatever the fuck that one is called).

    I love leaf 'gars like Garcia Vegas (Game).
    They just burn stupid slow.

    I roll the ends first and the middle last. That way with the ends tight and the middle loose you'll get the best smoke flow. I apparently put too much thought into it but I've been told by everyone I smoke with that whether it is a 'gar or a j, I roll 'em the best.

    The blunts I roll for my dad are rolled tight because he hits its very old school...hard and quick. That way his blunt will last him longer.

    I roll mine with one loose end and one tight end (the side I'm lighting) because if you hit it too hard, that smoke will scare you.
  11. grape
  12. Dude, I roll the same way. It's awesome.
  13. Zigzag blunt wraps (all flavors are good)
    Rip it in half (i roll 4 blunts/pack of 2wraps)
    Roll a super thinly packed cigarello of bomb
  14. i roll dutchies or games if i buy the cigar. i can roll anything though. i normally grind up my weed and lay it out onto a dvd/xbox case. when the line is fat/long enough for how i am feeling i twist it up. i smoke L's by myself, w my girl, w my boys.
  15. we used to use blunt wrap brand, but when we saw zig zag making wraps they were instantly our new favorite because they came incredibly moist in a zippered bag, which is damn convenient if youve ever tried to roll a dry wrap. recently weve seen juicy jays blunt wraps getting popular, also in a resealable container, also incredible. we'll roll 1-2 g's per blunt and split between 2-6 people, pretty much whoever's me ghetto, but i personally love using my coffee grinder, because it turns my bud to damn near powder, and i can scrape out and distribute all the kief instantly and easily. makes for an incredible smoke. i recommend any flavor that sounds good to you, and heavy experimentation. youll often find you enjoy the hell out of a flavor you wouldnt have expected to like. lately weve started experimenting with flavoring drops too. theyre definitely effective and interesting, but nothing id say you MUST go out and buy.
    Hope my first post wasnt too retarded :smoke:
  16. I just smoked a Tropical Passion flavored blunt by Juicy Jay's. It tasted wonderful! I will definitely buy more of those. I got a 2-pack for .89 cents. Well, I smoked half of it. It was rolled so tight that it burned almost too slowly. After a while, I got tired of smoking it. Baked my noggin, though. This will probably be my last post for the night. I think I can go to sleep now. :smoking:
  17. I like a grape swisher or grape white owl. I usually put anywhere for .8 to 1.3 in there. I kinda tuck my blunts really really tight then fold/roll it over. when I get to the end i fold it tight so that the part of the wrap you lick barely holds the fold from popping apart. its something i need to take pics of really, but you can roll a really pretty blunt and you dont have to lick the rillo all over.
  18. Dutchmaster Palma
    1.5 - 2 grams
    2 - 3 people
    20 minutes

    As for a story; I smoked over a quarter in blunts on my birthday Saturday. :smoking:
  19. #20 the blunt truth, Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 29, 2010
    Lets see, Original Swisher or Palma Dutch, anywhere from a .5 to 1.0 by myself to about 2 grams for a Dutch with the homies. Burn anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes depending on dryness of the bud, roll consistency and whatnot. And I guess you can consider it a tuck and roll, I just roll the bud until it forms a cylinder and then get the corner on the mouth piece side to fold underneath so that it'll roll up right ya know? And then for dutchies ya gotta unroll the first layer and reroll it back on, of course

    edit: thanks Blunt! I'm up to 2 bars lol

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