Your biggest turn on of the opposite sex?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by chodax, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. What is your guy's/girl's biggest turn on of the opposite sex?

    I hate to be so typical of this site but it is true. Nothing is hotter than when a girl also smokes weed. :smoking:
  2. The fact that they don't have a penis.
  3. Personality, good sense of humor, intelligence and of course light green eyes.
  4. This too.
  5. Well, chicks with 'medium' hair. Like. Not short but no long. Like it doesn't/ barely touches your shoulder, long.

    I don't know why, but it's sexy:D(on most chicks)

    and Smoking weed. yes that!
  6. I like a guy that smells good. That actually counts for a lot. There are some guys that I've met that weren't particularly attractive, but the way they smelled made me want to rub my face on their chest. :eek:
  7. when you see one of those chicks with the "hot faces" to match the body. dayymmmmm!!
    also personality (she has to be fun :p) and also intelligence.
  8. Least your allowed to do that without getting slapped.
  9. good looking face and nice tits of course
  10. im sure you pick up alot of hottys then.
  11. fit, fun, has self respect and a good sense of humor, (one that matches mine)
  12. Intelligence, good sense of humor, nerds, dorks, and an open mind.
  13. fat/thick yet shapely/curvey women who dress borderline provocative (usually wearing fake smart girl glasses as a smoke screen), but act as if they dress conservatively to fool the massess which whom they think don't know that they probably have good ole fashioned ho tendencies.....Thank you, I'll be here all week.
  14. deaf,,,dumb,,,,,and mute,,,,,,wears a eyepatch,,,,has a prostetic leg,,,,,

    with just a touch of facial hair,,,,,, with sagging tits,,, and a cottage cheese ass,,,,,,, thats my perfect woman,,,,:cool:
  15. Damn thats hot.
  16. my turn on is the opposite sex
  17. im sucker for any light blue eyes. with a decent body at least.
    oh and any sort of adorable kinda girl.
  18. Long legs, sexy eyes, a girl that likes to dominate, a girl that likes me to dominate, etc.
  19. I too will have to say a girl that smells good, I'm also a sucker for a chick with sexy legs and pretty feet (gigitty). Oh yeah, and a good personality and all that kind of stuff.

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